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1302 A Street SE Auburn WA 98002 | Sunday @ 9AM and 11AM | Wednesday @ 7PM

Thanks for coming to our website. We are a church in Auburn Washington. On this site you will be able to see about our church service times, what we do as a church and how you can get connected to our church. If you live in Auburn or one of the surrounding areas, we are easy to get to, right off of A Street in Auburn, just a few minutes off Highway 18 or 167. Our church has been in Auburn for about 14 years and has lots of people who attend our church who live in Auburn, but we have people from all of the cities in South Puget Sound. Come to church this Sunday! We want to meet you! We want to do life with you! If you’re wondering what kind of church we are, its pretty simple: Welcoming atmosphere. Passionate worship. Unapologetic Bible preaching. We are a growing church in Auburn and we want you to join us!

What’s Happening

Lets Be Honest

Watched online today from NW Indiana! Tuned in for our nephew’s dedication and stayed for the message! So thankful the Davis family found your family! Thank you for loving them! Keep being awesome, FVC!... See MoreSee Less

Faith and Victory is an amazing church. They follow the word of God, they are honest and loving. They have become our family. This church is disciple making everyday by using the true word of God, by being there for their members and truly caring about you making it to Heaven. God lead us to this church and I can see why, this church is doing amazing things. So thankful for our amazing Pastors!... See MoreSee Less

Love this church and the people that serve there who love the Lord.... See MoreSee Less

It is Important to me to be in a local assembly that upholds the Word of God. No matter how long you’ve been in church or how old you are in age - you always need to be challenged to grow & change lest we become stagnant. Love this church! Appreciate the leadership and pray for them to continue in BOLDNESS!... See MoreSee Less

This church is far beyond being just community builders and do-gooders. They earnestly desire to know and follow Jesus. They understand they are sinners who need a savior and from that understanding, love for their family in Christ and their neighbors flows. I have never been in a church so eager to share the Gospel, encourage, and become more like Christ. In 20 years of church life as an adult, this is the only church I've experienced where my growth can be credited in large part to the examples and encouragement of fellow church members and wasn't left to learn mainly through mistakes and personal determination. This church understands and is always seeking to fulfill what the Bible says about being the Body of Christ.... See MoreSee Less

I love this church. People are really authentic and no pretense. Genuinely loving and friendly. Genuine family atmosphere. Some churches act like they are all perfect and have it all together but that is usually a front. This church realizes that we are all sinners who needed a savior and that apart from Christ we are nothing. It is a daily journey to follow Jesus and we walk together. Real.... See MoreSee Less

Amazing church!! If you are looking for a church that takes Jesus seriously then check this place out. Lots of great genuine people. Pastors are the real deal.... See MoreSee Less

Our first attendance today. It is evident that this church family loves Christ. We will be returning next Sunday!... See MoreSee Less

The reason that I go to Faith and Victory is that the word of God is taught clearly and straight from the bible. I knows that sounds obvious but not every church it's doing that currently. The people are great the facility is nice but the word God is why I'm there. Come check it out of you desire clear teaching on God's word.... See MoreSee Less

The secret behind Faith and Victory is the fact that they are full of so much humility. People love each other in spite of our flaws and imperfections. Everyone here wants to see you succeed and pushes you to do your best. They embrace you with a genuine smile and a hug. If you want the truth of God's word and are in the local area, this is the ministry for you.... See MoreSee Less

I love my home church! Faith and Victory Church is very welcoming and I thoroughly enjoy being here.... See MoreSee Less

I love what God is doing in Auburn at FVC! An awesome place to worship and fellowship in the true essence of Gods glory!... See MoreSee Less

Iv been in and out of church for 29 years and Iv never felt more accepted then at FVC, the Holy Spirit is works here and I can't wait to see what else God has to show me by going here!... See MoreSee Less

The most amazing, loving, Christ like church I have ever experienced in my life and I am 63 year old. You can't help but experience the Holy Spirt inside the confines of this church. An when you leave the experience continues. I truly love this church. It has led me to salvation!... See MoreSee Less

From day one 6 years ago, I have felt the love of the ones who go there I love them all so much . I can't express in words how pastor Matt and Pastor Crystal have helped me with my walk with my Savior. Yesterdays sermon was so moving I weeped . How true every word u spoke ,love u and look forward to more wonderful earth shattering sermons .... See MoreSee Less

I am so very blessed and proud to be part of such an amazing family and ministry. I love all the people and I always get what I need in learning the scriptures. Thank you God for all you do in my life and all those around me. You truly are my savior.... See MoreSee Less

Pastor Matt is undeniably passionate and honest in his preaching. He loves every single one of his followers if you will. The people that attend here are all Just wonderful people. I won't go anywhere else.... See MoreSee Less

Great pastors. Great preaching. My family is benefiting so much. To God be the glory, and honor, and praise forever!... See MoreSee Less

Best bible teaching I have ever heard! I have gone to this church for 5 years, I love the pastors and the church family and everything they do here. Check it out, you won't want to go anywhere else... See MoreSee Less

The Holy Spirit ministers here. I felt like family from the very beginning and then every following Sunday. The truth of Christ and all he has done and asks is preached each Sunday. 💕... See MoreSee Less

Pastor Matt is a true blessing and a great pastor #homeboy... See MoreSee Less

We found Faith and Victory Church shortly after relocating from Detroit and it instantly felt like we were home. The pastors and parishioners are extremely welcoming and truly interested in making sure we felt at ease with FVC - so much so that if we felt it wasn't for us they would help find our church home.

If you are in the Auburn area come check us out one Sunday!
... See MoreSee Less!!!
Amazing group of people who love God and each other.
When I'm in the area, there won't be any other place to visit but here
... See MoreSee Less

I encountered the Love of Jesus through the love of the members of FVC.
Great word, great worship, and even greater fellowship. The senior pastors are very loving and welcoming. Nothing but the Word is preached here. So if your looking for fluff this isn't the place for you. FVC is a place where you will be challenged to become your best for God's glory.�
... See MoreSee Less

Pastor Matt , changed my life! Faith and Victory is an awesome church!... See MoreSee Less

this is the best church ever l love this church... See MoreSee Less

Bless you people of God
I have enjoyed the son from our sister
Gloria. Am so blessed and praise God almighty for you sisters and brothers in the name of JESUS -Christ.
... See MoreSee Less

If you want to hear Truth come here, if you don't want to hear Truth then you need to come here!... See MoreSee Less

Been going to Faith and Victory church for about 9 months.

A life changer for me. From the leadership to the the people who attend, all people who have a desire to serve JESUS.

The sermons are truth driven and delivered in a passionate, user friendly manner.

My family is a member now and it ranks as one of my best decisions I have made in 2016.

Highest recommendation to all searching for the truth. If it can save a sinner like me, imagine what it can do for you.

God bless
... See MoreSee Less

Pastor is 100% on fire for the Lord, for living in truth, and is authentic and Spirit filled. The church follows suit under his leadership. The Spirit within me lept with joy to worship at this church and hear the Word of God rightly divided and to sit within this ministry of encouragement and challenging accountability to living in fullness in our walk with Jesus.... See MoreSee Less

One of the Best churches I have ever been in! LOVED IT!!... See MoreSee Less

What an Amazing group of people. Pastors that are bold, sincere and caring. It is like a breath of fresh air and I thank God for leading my husband and I to Faith & Victory Church!... See MoreSee Less

It is a church where people truly care about others and the bold word of God is spoken.

Funny how we shouldnt even have to say bold word of God, but not alot want to share it, live it or hear it...thats just the simple fact of the matter...
... See MoreSee Less

Grew up in different churches, been hurt by people in churches. What I love about this church is the common understanding is that we're all broken trying to figure out this Christian walk together. We make allowances for each other's faults and are genuinely tender hearted and loving towards one another. I've never in my life had so many genuine friends. Don't come expecting everybody to be perfect, we all get hurt because we're all Fallen. This is the place to come to get through those Falls and to be challenged every week to be a genuine follower of Christ.... See MoreSee Less

If I lived in or near Auburn, this is the church I would join. So full of the excitement of being in the house of Jesus Christ.... See MoreSee Less

When I first came to F&V, I was so hungry for deeper teaching right from the Word, and have to say in the five years I've been here, it is the BEST preaching and teaching consistently. I was also so blessed with the warm welcome from everyone; the word that I always thought of then was "lovingkindness" that was always present. I love the way both Pastor Matt and Crystal preach and teach, taking verse by verse, revealing so much more than just skimming over it. I always hate to miss, especially on Sunday. Since I am older than most here, I am a prime example that you are never too old to learn, and I am always excited to see and hear what the Lord has to say next.... See MoreSee Less

I can't say enough great things about FVC. I have been a member for going on 10 years and not only are we friends but we are ALL family.... See MoreSee Less

I can't say enough good things about FVC. I went there today and must have been greeted by at least 10 different people. They didn't just say hi....they seemed genuinely interested in my family and introduced themselves and welcomed us.

The kids church was great. My oldest said he had fun. My youngest didn't want to go in but the teacher was very patient while we tried to get him used to it.

The worship was beautiful and lead me to open up to the Holy Spirit and the message.

The pastor had a meaningful message to share that spoke truth from the bible. I also like that pastor Matt throws a little humor into his sermon. He makes it real.

I can't wait to go back to FVC and get plugged in!
... See MoreSee Less

I have been going here since 2007. I have seen it grow from 30 or so people in a warehouse to the few hundred it is now. I have watched the leadership grow, and have grown as a Christian, a husband, and a father because of this church. They preach sound doctrine(Jesus Christ and Him crucified, and nothing outside of the Bible is preached), are fully submitted to the Lord, and are ready and willing to answer any questions and concerns. Oh yeah, and they have amazing God focused worship. The people are amazing, broken, authentic people and there's no other place I'd rather do life with and raise my children with!... See MoreSee Less

We have family here and we don't close the circle. There is room for more all the time. No judgment. Come as you are. We have a variety of pastors that work hard to make sure we are being taught and loved. I don't see myself ever departing from this family of Christians.... See MoreSee Less

My husband and I have been attending FVC for a little over a year. We found the church through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, and because we didn't really have a home church, we decided to try it out. On the first Sunday, we must have been greeted/welcomed by at least 10-20 people. And not just "hi, welcome." Everyone genuinely wanted to meet and get to know us. The Pastor is down to earth, extremely friendly, and so passionate for Jesus and the church. Every service/sermon is amazing. Both my husband and I's relationship with the Lord has grown more in one year attending this church than in the past 10 years. We knew from day 1 that we had found our home church!... See MoreSee Less

The pastors here are the real deal. You will not be disappointed. Great messages and a real passion for God.... See MoreSee Less

The community here is the best I have ever encountered. The sermons are beautiful and moving, convicting and life-changing. The people genuinely care and love each other, and are willing to go above and beyond to show it. The pastors preach the Truth and nothing else, attending here was the best decision I have ever made for myself and my family. God has opened so many doors for us since stepping foot in this place, and our growth while attending here was influenced greatly by the people we now call Family.... See MoreSee Less

I was that girl "I hate church, I dont need to go to church to have a relationship with God" "I hate people" but let me tell you Faith and Victory Church has changed my life. I have been set free in so many ways thanks to the pastors no sugar added preaching. Thank you FVC.... See MoreSee Less

It's difficult to describe how amazing this church really is and I feel like could not fully convey how much God has used this church to bless my family. I recommend visiting and seeing how wonderful this church is for yourself.
That being said I do want to mention a few great things about this church. First the preaching is anointed and by that I mean that Pastor Matt's messages are empowered by the Holy Spirit to impact lives. I have heard a lot of great sermons from some great Pastors, sermons that have excited and convicted me but sermons that I have heard from Pastor Matt have completely changed my life and I will remember them forever.
Second the people are full of love and acceptance. I have always had a hard time making real friends in church. My closest friends were always people I didn't go to church with. That changed when I started attending Faith and Victory. This church has a sense of community that is truly extraordinary.
Third there is no pretension and no culture of shame. The leadership doesn't pretend to be prefect and they don't expect anyone else to be. They understand that everyone struggles with failure. They preach truth but extend grace. No one is put down for not having arrived at a particular point. This church preaches Jesus Christ in a way that changes lives. It is filled with true Christian love and sincerity. I love this church. I have never been to one like it. Hope to see you there.
... See MoreSee Less

We have been going for a little over 1 year now, one thing I can say is that the leadership is spot on in teaching the truth. I've been a christian since 1998 and have never heard such a strong message about what's really important in life and that's #1 Jesus and #2 community. If you are looking to challenge yourself and grow in the Lord, Faith and Victory church will help you in leaps and bounds.... See MoreSee Less

Great message this morning, we will defintely be back! Thank you for the worship, message and hospitality!... See MoreSee Less

Awesome sermon this morning, definitely will be back .... See MoreSee Less

Faith and Victory Church goes beyond just a place to worship on Sunday mornings. The congregation truly loves and supports each other and the community. We knew it was home from our first visit almost a year ago.... See MoreSee Less

Great community. Extremely supportive of families! Awesome preaching too!... See MoreSee Less

Great Pastor, Great People. My wife and I searched around a bit, but felt so welcomed here by both the Pastors and just the people going. We have grown so much since making this our home church a year or so ago. Love it.... See MoreSee Less

Welcoming to all. True community and amazing people.... See MoreSee Less

Takes only one visit to Faith and Victory for it to become your home church. It did for us.... See MoreSee Less

When u leave after each service you up lifted and feeling the love that the church/people have for Christ. I love how I feel when I leave.... See MoreSee Less

Music and sermon was awesome. Excited for next Sunday.... See MoreSee Less

Awesome in every way, starting with friendly people greeting us at the front door all the way to our seat. Amazing contemporary praise and worship with a congregation of people that were excited to be there praising God. Topped off with a younger Pastor with a great sense of humor with a Killer message.
God is Good, looking forward to next week.
... See MoreSee Less

Friendly people, and great pastoral staff!... See MoreSee Less

Such an amazing church! Come if you want to grow and not just be a cosmetic Christian. God doesn't need lukewarm, come get on fire with this AWESOME church!!... See MoreSee Less

A real church. Come as you are. Meet Jesus here!... See MoreSee Less

Loved being able to visit over the holidays. I have to admit I smiled each time I looked around and saw about half the people wearing Seahawks attire 🙂 super blessed church!... See MoreSee Less

This church is the first time that i have felt like I was home. The church is not only the building but is the people and here is a community of people that love people from all walks of life... a come as you are..and continues through out your stay as a part of the body of Christ.... See MoreSee Less

Faith and Victory Church has an early morning service for those who love the morning!... See MoreSee Less

The first time we attended we felt welcome and cared for: the people are great! FVC has good music and worship, and the preaching is uplifting and challenging as well. We feel at home here.... See MoreSee Less

After being away from church for 2 years I found FVC through their website. Now after 4 years I can't imagine being anywhere else! Real people struggling through this life, learning about Jesus and how to love each other the way He loves us. FVC is a true family!... See MoreSee Less

We love, love, love FVC ! Seriously, come as you are. They're welcoming to everyone who walks through the doors. If you're looking for a Christ-centered Church that teaches directly from the Bible, this is THE place to be.... See MoreSee Less

It is a church full of FAITH and VICTORY! My life is forever changed from my 5 years here! And I'm not going anywhere.... See MoreSee Less

A church where the Holy Spirits is and that is incredibly important. FVC is loving and accepting of everyone! We love Faith and Victory Church.... See MoreSee Less

After years trying to find a church where we feel like home. Faith and victory fit the bill. If you are looking for a place to find true hope with God lead message. I strongly incourage you to come one time and try. You will not leave the same as you came in!!... See MoreSee Less

The Family of Faith and Victory Church is so loving!... See MoreSee Less

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Faith and Victory Church is a Non-denominational Christian Church in Auburn Washington. We have services at 9 and 11am on Sundays and 7pm on Wednesdays. We are a church of people from all backgrounds of life. Come to church and you’ll see people from all walks of life with all types of stories. We are not a perfect church, but we love the city of Auburn and love Jesus and want to get to know you. Come to church this Sunday. Come early and stay late!

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