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The Challenger Blows Up – The World Shakes



All over facebook this morning is talk about the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion that happened back in 1986. For some of you reading this, it may have been a huge event in your life, while for others it may only be a news story. On that day, a shuttle was launched to go into outerspace, but it exploded after take off. It was a tragic day. Many people remember where they were when iit happened.

There are a few “where were you when it happened” moments in my life. I am 35 years old, so the events that shaped my world view are probably not the same as my mother. Her events are JFK, MLK, and Viet Nam. Mine are NASA, OJ and 9-11. Different events in different times, but defining none the less

I’m not sure exact impact that the Challenger tragedy had on everyone, but I can speak a bit about how I think it affected me at the age of 11. I’m not sure how much emotional maturity one can possess at the age of 11, all I remembered was that it scared me. Prior to that, I don’t think I grasped the inherent risk that life creates. The cost of pursuing your dreams. The name “Challenger” is quite fitting. Because it was challenging to think about the threat of death at the age of 11. It can be debilitating. Going past it is challenging

Events happen though. They will continue to happen for the rest of my life. This morning on the news I saw huge political upheaval in Egypt and a bank robbery in Maryland. A few weeks ago a congresswoman got shot. Its a crazy world. It will continue to be crazy until the day that I die.

Begs the question- are the risks we take worth it? Should we stay home and just watch TV and hide from our fellow man?

No. No we should not.

Every day is a risk worth taking. Merely getting in your car is a risk. But life was and is meant to be lived. You can’t spend your life in worry. You can hide from the reality of pain. You must go out, embrace it and allow it to shape you. You can’t live your life hiding from it.

Are you living in fear? Are there things you wont give up or places you wont go because of gripping fear? Allow the Lord to lead you away from it today. Be released from those shackles of fear and worry and walk in the Victory that Jesus provides.

Bad things happen. They will continue to happen. Don’t let them rule your life.

Be blessed
pastor matt

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