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Do You Have Character or Are You A Character?



I have met and known some great people in my life. People of great
character. By character, I mean positive personality qualities that
they possessed in great measure that were obvious to everyone around
them. I have also known people that were characters. They just simply
played a part in life. They were actors of great personality traits.
They didn’t really possess them.

There really is only two types of character. Either you have it, or
you are one. People of character possess personality traits that are
positive to others. Characters act like they have personality traits
that are desirable to others for their personal gain. It does not take
long. The true character of a person eventually will be come evident.

I often wonder of the people who don’t have character if they know if
they don’t have it. If their acting like having character has
convinced them that they have it, or if they are simply lying to
themselves for their benefit. It is sad really, since the character of
who you are determines who you are, and how people will interact with

The truth is, if you do not have any character, people know it. They
are just allowing you to be the dirtbag you are.

So if you do not have character how do you possess it? You do the
right things. You don’t just love people to get something from them,
you actually love them. You don’t steal because its wrong, not because
you’re afraid of getting caught. You don’t talk bad about people
because its hurtful, not because you don’t want relational
repercussions. You try to do the right thing in every situation
because it is the right thing to do. Not because you want something
from people.

That builds character.

What is the point? Take a moment today to inventory your actions. Look
at them and think if the things you say and do in public and private
are actions that could be considered as having character. If
not,perhaps you are just being a character.

Don’t be a character. Have character. Remember this- 1 Corinthians
15:33 “Bad company corrupts good character.”

be blessed
pastor matt

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