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Loving the “Haters”

Loving People Who Doubt God's Work of Changing Your Life

I want to be a different person.

I completely understand Paul when he said, “I know that nothing good lives in me, that is, in my sinful nature.” (Rom 7:18).

Sometimes something awful just slips out of me without my permission, something of that old nature.

We fall back into our old ways sometimes, and someone (a “hater”) inevitably sees our mistake and gets hurt.

In their hurt and anger, they fill our minds with doubt,

like “You really think you’re changing? Look at what you just did!” then you may think, “Why do I even try,” and “God’s expectations are impossible, He is an unfair God.”

Sometimes Christians can become “haters.” They get filled with doubt, resentment, and bitterness toward God. They have yet to experience (or have forgotten) how much they are loved, valued and forgiven by God.

They doubt God’s power to change their lives. So they definitely cannot have a positive attitude on your behalf.

Why do we waver in and out of faith that God is in the business of changing your life? Don’t let these people put doubts in your mind! Don’t let them bring you down.

Some of us already have the “tapes of failure” in our heads, and some have the “tapes of failure” coming out of the mouths of loved ones, too.

This is tough but we gotta push forward and say out loud the promises of new life, the truth of forgiveness

AND we MUST forgive and love and value the people that are running their negative thoughts everywhere.

They are hurting, they want to change too, and you can be that patient, positive voice of God’s encouragement. Be patient, like God is patient with you.

Our old nature, (our old habits) CAN and WILL die out over time if we submit our lives to Him and we can and WILL become more like Jesus.

I just want to encourage you. As you rely on God, He can make old habits die.


We must be praying for these Christians who have lost hope and who doubt God’s work in their lives. Because if they are spouting off negative over you, you can bet they are spouting off that negative over themselves too!

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