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Remember His Goodness Through Memorials

Remember His Goodness Through Memorials

It is absolutely fantastic and mind-blowing when we consider that the God of the entire universe has initiated relationship with us through His Son, Jesus Christ; made known to us His good work through His Word and then to top it all off, He keeps the Church of Jesus alive throughout all generations. This is an amazing God who has captured our hearts. This God, as revealed through the Bible, actually reveals Himself to His children in supernatural ways.


He delivers us from our bondages to sins, heals us from our diseases, teaches us how to process our circumstances, frees us from tormenting thought habits, fills us with the understanding of His love and forgiveness when we repent. Our God is a good God. He is busy in the “taking care of His kids wellbeing” business!


When we experience God in these personal ways, when we see Him come through for us in a way that encourages, fills us with hope and awe, we need to take the time to make a memorial for these momentous occasions. God spends a lot of time in His Word telling His people to “forget not” and “remember” the things that He does for us.


How can we do this?


Here are some ideas, and if you have ideas, please post them and share them with the Body of Christ!


Make a “Wall of Remembrance.” Chose out a section of wall that you will see daily. When someone gives you a word of encouragement or prophesy, WRITE it out immediately after you receive it and post it up on your wall. If there is a Scripture that God has given you that helped you through a hard season, write it out and post it up. There is a flower called a Forget-Me-Not, that could be a reminder, too, that you could put up. Any knick-knacks or bulletins or other handouts from events that God met you in, put them up.


You can keep a journal. You can put all of the above ideas in writing in a journal that you refer to often.


You can construct something in your yard that you will see daily.


I know that there are more ideas out there. I want to know what they are. We all have different personality types where some things are just more natural for us to do than other things. This is okay. The point is, though, that we do need to put some thought into how we are going to remind ourselves of what God has done for us. We have an enemy that wants to take away every bit of blessing that he can. He will steal what he can, and destroy everything.


Here is an idea, too. Is there some kind of symbol that you can put up that will cause you to remember what sin will do if you choose to walk in it? So, if you have seen a marriage fall apart and you want to stay alert and not fall into the same trap, find a symbol that destroyed that marriage. I have heard people say they got divorced over toothpaste. So, get a tube of toothpaste and put it up as a reminder. I keep a beat-up journal that reminds me that you shouldn’t tell someone a Bible Scripture at an unwise time in an unloving way. It is a reminder to be sober. I see it everyday. ¬†Honestly, it makes me laugh at my foolishness. It can make me laugh because I asked forgiveness and let God minister to me His love. I don’t recommend putting up anything that will make you feel condemned.


God bless you in your efforts to Remember His Goodness.

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