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Your prayers, in FAITH, release God to CHANGE THINGS

The prayer of the righteous has GREAT POWER! James 5:16 “Confess to one another therefore your faults (your slips, your false steps, your offenses, your sins) and pray [also] for one another, that you may be healed and restored [to a spiritual tone of mind and heart]. The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working].” Here are a few things that the prayer of the righteous woman can accomplish: Draw you near to God. Open the way to a Spirit-filled life. Bring you power for ministry and Christian devotion. Builds you up spiritually. Give insight into Christ’s provision for you. Help you overcome Satan. Clarify the will of God. Enable you to receive spiritual gifts. Bring you into fellowship with God. Bring you grace, mercy and peace. Bring the lost to Christ. Bring you the wisdom, revelation and knowledge of Christ. Bring you healing. Bring you deliverance from trouble. Glorify God with praise and thanksgiving. Makes the presence of Christ real to you. Ensure you of your final salvation and of Christ’s intercession for you. Get the picture?
Power of Prayer
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Your prayers, in FAITH, release God to CHANGE THINGS (4)

  1. Flor Rivas

    can you please pray so that i can find an english church where i can start attending and for my mom to allow me to change congregacion. And for me and my mom to grow more spiritually for us to start reading the bible again we havent read it for months daily and for us to spend time with god alone one on one in worship and in prayer and for there to be unity between me my mom and my sisters and newphews and nieces. and for me to be healed i been on medication for depression, and sycosis for almost 5 yrs im 22 and my symotoms are negative thoughts , sycotic symtoms and confusion, please pray so all that gets out of my life so i wont need to be on medication nomore.i really appreciate it.thanks god bless you

    • FVCuser

      Praying. Pastor Todd

      • flor rivas

        Hi my name is flor rivas thank you for your prayers i think God is already answering our prayers…i have decided i want to get operated from my brain…..see 4 years ago when i got diagnosed with depression and pyscosis, they told me it was do to a Chemical Im balance in my brain……and they told me i would be on the meds the most for a yr and its going to be almost 5 yrs….but see in the beginning…. God clearer told me straight up and i remember it like it was yesterday, he told me flor….the medication isnt going to heal you….its going to help you but its not going to heal you…..and see God has been right the meds have been helping me but they havent healed me and they wont so i want to get operated from my brain so i can be back to normal again and not need to take medication anymore… going to call monday ask to speak with my psycayatrist and tell talk to her about it hopefully she agrees with me because im really tired of taking ALOT of pills and ive gained ALOT of weight, i used to be 130lb and now im 218lb and i want to be skinny again serving the Lord always so i can be confident about my self. i know beauty is fleeting but it makes me have high self esteem. please pray that i can be able to get operated for this to be Gods will for my life and for the surgery to go well and everything to come out fine in my surgery and for there not to be any mistakes or errors or complications for it to go good correct and smoothly and for me to not feel a thing for me to be sleeping throughout the WHOLE surgery because im just 22 yrs old i know on the day ima be afraid. god bless

  2. Flor Rivas

    hi my name is flor rivas and i would like you guys to pray for me, see before i came to christ 4 and a half years ago ….i used to study alot for my ged….i love studying i still do….i want go to college to get my bachelors in music in worship its a 4 yr thing, so that i can get a career as a worship leader in a christian church……but first i have to finish doing 2 months of singing lessons at this instrument store called sam ash in new york by my house so that i do gosod in my audtion and get accepted in the college i apply….they require me to do a sining audition because it has to do with music….and i really want to go to college because i love studting…..please please pray i can do all this this year and accomplish it and get accepted in the corrct college that has what im looking for and for my mom to support me in this for her to beileve in me…..i reallly want to lead the church into worship, thats my desire.and for me thats the best part for me during church service….please pray that nothing or no one stops me from my goals no hindrance no plan of the enemy no weapon formed against me shall prosper……..thanks for your prayers ….please reply so i can know you guys are praying….love you guys.amen

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