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summer mission: under review

summer mission

If asked, “What is your mission for the summer?” what would you say?  What would you wish to do?

Would you wish to fly somewhere?  Move to another country?  Maybe visit the moon? (in a cardboard box perhaps?)  Or just watch the airplanes takeoff, land and taxi around the airport? (Click heretwo teachers and a toddler

Flying in an airplane somewhere for summer does NOT interest me.  Not my kind of mission or wish.  I literally fear it.  But that doesn’t mean my daughter has too.  In fact, I will do anything (like go to the airport and plane watch with her) so that she doesn’t have to experience the fear I go through every time I sit in the seat of a 747.  And takeoffs are just the worst!   Sitting strapped inside anything carrying approximately 422,000 pounds of fuel that is moments away from launching itself into the air 30-40 thousand feet above the ground just sounds terrifying.  

summer missionFirst thing on my summer mission list was re-organize my classroom.  I am a teacher who happens to love matching containers and is a little bit OCD.  I actually started this mission the day after school ended.  Being organized makes me calm.  It fills my ARFF (I will explain later.)  I am comforted knowing that everything in my classroom has a home.  And then it hit me like a plane crash-landing with 422,000 lbs of fuel on board (not sure if this is even possilbe).  God doesn’t care about my comfort or how organized my classroom library is.  He definitely doesn’t care that all my container lids match.  He cares about me.  And my character.  I am the first to admit, I can be pretty selfish.  And God wants to change that. 

Now back to the flying thing for a second.  No matter how uncomfortable it makes me, I want a mission that can build my faith, just like flying.  I want the kind of faith that gets stronger and stronger with every trip I take.  When I first sat down to write this post, I wished for the kind of mission that was easy and comfortable where all the containers (and their lids) matched.  Now I am leaning towards something bigger.   Something more.  I don’t know what it is yet but I am hopeful (and pray that I don’t leave the ground.)

And no matter how impossible I think it is, God is with me every step of the way, even if I forget.  However, I always feel more closer to God when flying (and maybe even Heaven too.)    It’s probably the only time I always remember to pray.  But seriously… what is your mission?   And does it involve God?  Or matching lids?

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