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Come back home

I’m thinking of you and miss that you are so far away. Do you remember when I was apart from God and family and how you wished I would return home? We talked about that the other day. I need you to know that now I want YOU to return home. Nothing else matters except that you too to be restored to God. I believe God will heal our family. Wouldn’t you agree that would be a good thing?

God knows all my mistakes and sin, and how I’ve hurt people, His people, along the way. Even though He had completely forgiven me, I wish I made better choices along the way. I am so blessed in how much my family forgave me and took me back graciously into their arms. That was a bonus, but not the reason why I sought out God to forgive me. I was born for reason. He created me with a purpose. I am seeking him, believing in Him, relying and trusting in Him, He is preparing me for His purpose.

The focus is not about our failures but rather what we do with them and how we move forward. God, who created us, longs to be with us forever. I encourage you to seek Him with all your heart and rest in His arms today.

I love you everyday.

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