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FVC Bloggers Instructional Blog

Bloggers welcome to 2018. Happy New Year.

My goal is not to be a blogger but to spread the word that you have as far as possible in 2018. Part of that means requires me teaching you a few things along the way. I’m also going to inform you about what’s working for others and what I’ve learned from helping others blog for about 4 years now.  I will be posting helpful/instructional things for you guys all year long :).

Shorter/More Frequent = Better

This is especially true with the video blogs.   People have short attention spans and when on social media it’s even shorter.  Get in – say your point – get out.  If you have more to say that’s fantastic that means you already have your next blog topic to talk about.  Posting more often with less stuff is preferred over one long post/video that is gigantic or long.

Video Blogs 2:00 – 2:30
Written Blogs – 3 – 4 paragraphs


Have a common theme/brand is a great way to get returning readers.  Pastor Brittney has offered to make graphics (like Pastor Crystals and Amandas) for the bloggers.  It’s free and can be whatever you want (as long as Brittney can make it).  Just let me or Pastor Brittney know and we’ll get one started for you.   She’s working on a video devo image that we can use (I’ll show you how to do that later).



Glen Petersen will be in charge of the scheduling of the video blogs

Jenna Petersen and Heather Foster are in charge of scheduling the written blogs

We want all the blogs to be as spread out as possible so we get maximum coverage.  Work with the people in charge to find spots that aren’t covered that fit into your schedule.

How To Maximize Your Time Blogging

According to several different blogging “experts” the best way to blog is to split your time into three different equal sections.  Don’t just spend writing your blog

  1.  Preparation – Spending time thinking about what the overall direction and what your next blog is going to be about should consume 1/3 of your time
  2. Writing/Videoing Blog –  Actually “put pen to paper” or get the video done.   This is key :).
  3. Promote your blog.  Many many many people leave this VERY important step out.  Share your blog on your Facebook profile.  Also share others so we can create a “network” of blog articles that people will begin to read.  Also share to Facebook Groups (read below)

Jesus Blogs Page is the central location of our blogging world.

Everyone in the blogging group has been added as an editor to the Jesus Blog’s page.  Make sure to share your blog to the Jesus Blogs page after you’ve written\recorded it.

Jesus Blogs helps us in a number of ways.

  1. It provides a place for you to share everyone elses blog.  You never “miss” anything.  On the page under notifications simply use friends posts or all posts.
  2. It puts your blog on the website.  Anything posted to Jesus Blogs appears on the faith and victory website
  3. It allows other people to see your blog.  I’m committed to growing this pages following and getting as many people to see your posts as possible.

Facebook Groups (Reaching the Masses)

Facebook groups are so powerful Facebook actually bans you for overusing them to much (ask me how I know).  One person (me) CANNOT just go around an post in every Facebook group and build a mass following.  What we can do however is get a bunch of people (the bloggers) to each dedicate themselves to one or two Facebook groups and achieve the same effect.  Some of these groups are HUGE having over 100,000 users in them.  Pick 2 that you like and share your blogs and everyone elses blogs to these groups.  This is how we take over the world for Jesus with blogging :).

To join a Facebook group simply do a search in Facebook for Jesus, Bible, sermon, God, or whatever idea you come up with and join a group that looks interesting that no one else has joined.  I’ll keep a list of which groups we already got people sharing too.

Love you all as always if you have specific questions just ask me :).  I’ll be adding more tips and tricks as the year goes on :).



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