safety team

Faith and Victory Church Safety Team

At Faith and Victory Church we take our  Church Safety very seriously. You should never have to worry about your your family when you go to church.  This is why Faith and Victory Church taken some steps to ensure that both the children that have been entrusted to the care of our Children’s ministry and the members of our congregation feel safe.

FVC Safety Team – The members of our safety team take Church Safety and the safety of our children very seriously. There is always a member of this team stationed at the front door of the church and also in the parking lot in case of an emergency. They are trained in CPR and deescalation techniques should the need arise.

Background Checks – All of our Safety Team and Children’s ministry workers must pass a background check from the Washington State Patrol. You can be assured that we have done our diligence with the people who work with our kids.

Child Check In System – All of our kids are checked in to each classroom as they are dropped off.  You must leave your contact information at that time so we can contact you if there is a problem.  Children may only be picked up by the parents of the child.

Pager System – Our Nursery and Toddler rooms have pagers that are given to the parents so that at any time there is an issue the parent may be immediately notified with the pager. These pagers ensure an immediate connection to your child’s well being during service.


CPR Class

Defibrillator – At Faith and Victory Church we know that you never know when a medical emergency will happen, but you can be prepared for it.  In addition to having our Safety team being CPR trained we have also equipped them with a defibrillator.  In the case of a cardiac arrest this will greatly increase the chances of survival until medical personnel arrive.

We might do more or less than other churches do, but we are trying our best to do what we can do to ensure our Church Safety.*

*ultimately no plan is fail safe – parents assume all liabilities for the safety of their children and hold harmless Faith and Victory Church should any incident arise.