Worship Leader Emily Garrett During a Worship Night

Worship Leader Emily Garrett and her husband Ryan on the bass

At Faith and Victory Church we love to worship God because He desires the praises of His people.  When we learn to praise God, we take our eyes off ourselves and our praises usher us into His presence.   Only in His presence can we worship Him.  The people of God are a spiritual house whose purpose is to show forth the praises of God.

worship team3

Worship Night

Thanksgiving – Often Praise and thanksgiving go hand in hand.  Thanksgiving arises from our desire to show appreciation for the goodness of God and the gifts He bestows upon us.  Praise stems from the desire to love and extol God for who He is, rather than what He does.  Praise and thanksgiving should be the focus of any worship that we do.

Meaning of Worship – In the Hebrew language, worship means to “bow yourself down in adoring  contemplation of God”.  It involves devotion, reverence, adoration,  respect and honor.

worship team4

Youth Worship Team

Corporate and Personal  – At Faith and Victory Church we encourage both corporate and personal worship time.  Corporate worship time being when we come together as a church body and raise our hands, clap, sing, and praise God together during services or special events.  Personal worship time is when you as the believer go to God in love and simply praise him in any way that you feel comfortable.

At Faith and Victory Church our songs are centered around worshiping God.

Our worship team is not a band that is trying to sell music.  We are devoted disciples of God trying to encourage God’s people to praise him and to set the mood for God’s word to be preached.  So if you sing a little off key or don’t know the song we’re playing that’s ok because it’s not about the music it’s about worshiping God.

Joining the Team – At Faith and Victory church you do not need to be a professional musician to join the worship team.  We would love to have you join us if this is something you love to do.  You will need to be a member of the church, baptized, and have completed a few classes with our Worship Leader Emily Garrett.  After that we’ll have you sit in on some Thursday night practices until Emily and you both feel you are ready.  If you would like to signup please check out our Get Involved Page.