youth retreat 2016

Youth Retreat 2016

Revolution Youth

At Faith and Victory Church we have made it a priority to have a place for youth that is fun, welcoming and full of the love of God.  Pastors Jeremy and Britney Ellis lead the youth group which is open to youth 6th through the 12th grade.   It meets every Wednesday of the month from 7:00pm – 8:00pm  (during our Wednesday night service) for worship, teaching, friendship and fun.

Revolution youth is a place where the youth engage in their faith with God.  Youth Group starts off with the youth worship team playing worship.  This is followed up with a youth centered message and then small group discussion time.

Revolution Youth also has several events throughout the year.  Activities such as paintball, walking around downtown Seattle (supervised of course), beach parties, going to Christian concerts, and making hilarious you-tube videos  are just some of the things that we do to grow our youth closer to God and each other.  The main event of the year is the Youth Retreat.  Each year we take the kids to a retreat center and teach them about God while allowing them to have a great time.  The pictures from the most previous retreat are below.

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