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Deacon Class

At Faith and Victory Church we do deacons differently than any other church we’ve ever seen.  We base our deacon program off of 1 Tim 3:10.

They must first be tested; and then if there is nothing against them, let them serve as deacons.

From this we get the the qualification to be a deacon and also what a deacon does.  A deacon must be tested.  In the Faith and Victory Deacon program our deacons go through a year long training program (starting in January) to insure that you are ready to be a deacon.  This program includes Bible teaching, leadership skills, and knowledge about how we do things at FVC.  This is both for both the deacons and the leadership of the church to know that they are ready to lead and serve within the church.

A deacon must also serve.  At Faith and Victory Church our deacons are not decision makers for the church.  They are servant leaders.  They do the work of the ministry so the pastors and elders can run the “business” of the church.

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Current Serving Deacons at FVC

Some of the things that deacons do are

  • support the church in the achievement of her mission
  • Minister the gospel of grace to believers and unbelievers
  • Loyal support of the church and its ministries and leaders
  • Faithful attendance to all church services and functions unless charged with work or legitmate sickness
  • Service in a ministry in the church
  • Tithing
  • Care for the church members and others in the community
  • Demonstrate Christlike commitment to the church
  • ensuring a welcoming worship space
  • working with the pastor and other leaders to plan and conduct special worship events
  • serving as liaisons between visitors or new members and the church
  • home and hospitial visitation
  • serving communion to the home-bound
  • visitation to the unchurched
  • administration of benevolence
  • leadership of prayer groups
  • developing ministries to serve special ongoing or one time needs
deacon graduation

Deacon Graduation

If you are interested in becoming a deacon at Faith and Victory Church please contact one of the pastors of the church.  Signups begin in December and the first deacon class begins in January.  Qualifications are you must be saved and be baptized.