Pastor Brittney

Pastor Brittney Ellis was born and raised in a Christian family in Covington, WA.  Although raised in a loving home she had succumbed to a life of rebellion. At age 16 she became a teen mother. She then began to understand what grace truly was through the outpouring of her parents love and support. From there through the rest of her adolescences she continued to attend church services and youth group, but still living a worldly life. In 2005 at age 18 she experienced a tragic loss, the loss of her mother.  Without walking in the power of the Holy Spirit she hit rock bottom. She went through a period of extreme depression. With no place to turn she began to cry out to God. She began to pray for healing, guidance, for a godly husband.  Realizing her life would never be complete without Jesus she gave her life fully and completely to Him.

In 2009, through answered prayer, Pastor Brittney met and married her husband Pastor Jeremy Ellis. They have three children Jarrett, JaydaLee and Nevaeh. Together with a passion to point youth to a relationship with God Jeremy and Brittney became youth pastors.

Alongside her husband she serves the Church through directing and leading the youth program, ministering and encouraging the youth of the church, and reaching out to youth in the community. She enjoys planning annual youth retreats, youth events, and Wednesday night youth group filled with worship and the Word.

Pastor Brittney is overjoyed to be able to show the love of Jesus Christ and compassion to people of all walks of life.