Pastor Jeremy Ellis

Pastor Jeremy preaching at Youth Night

Pastor Jeremy Ellis lived a very troubled childhood. He led a life that consisted in drug and alcohol abuse that started at the age of 12.  He felt he was never satisfied with anything else other than drugs and alcohol. Always trying to mask the pain of the life he lived, which was caused by his own doing.

He knew the call that God had placed on his life at the age of 15, but instead of running after it he ran away as far as he could in the opposite direction. In July 2007 he got to the end of the rope. Desperately seeking a way to get out of a life that he had created, he decided to go to church. That day changed his life forever. Pastor Jeremy remembers walking up to the door of a church reeking of alcohol and coming down off of a drug binge. The greeter took one look at him and asked if he could pray with him. Pastor Jeremy decided why not, what could it hurt.

At the moment the man began to pray and Jeremy broke down weeping. All the pain, guilt and shame had begun to be released. He gave his life to the Lord and was instantly delivered from drugs and alcohol. From that day Jeremy decided to answer the call that God had placed on him. He started serving in any area he could find and joined an internship with a church.

Pastor Jeremy Ellis

Revolution Youth

In early 2009 Jeremy came to Faith and Victory church. When Jeremy came to the church he knew this was home. He served in many ministries and did whatever he could to minister to people. He began the youth ministry along with his wife Brittney Ellis. Pastor Jeremy and Pastor Brittney have poured into the youth of the church always directing them to a relationship with God. Jeremy does whatever it takes to make sure that the youth he comes in contact with stay clear of the kind of life that he had lived. Pastor Jeremy truly loves God and loves people.

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Pastor Jeremy Ellis – @RevolutionFVC

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Lukewarm Christians

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Pastor Jeremy Ellis




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