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Episode 27 – Faith To The Bone with Pastor Jess and Declan Champers

This episode we talk with Pastor Jess and Declan about Declan’s battle and how they rely on God. 

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Stop Longing For Egypt

Stop Longing For Egypt

Do you find yourself longing for something God took from you?  Maybe it was a job, a house, a relationship, a friendship, some item you loved? The list could go on and on.

I find myself doing that more often than I’d like to admit.

That reminds me of the Israelites after they left Egypt. God took them out of Egypt. They lived as slaves in Egypt. They were in slavery, being missed treated, overworked, you name it.

But God took them out of that. Out of the hurt, out of the pain, and out of the oppression. God rescue them and remove them from that awful situation.

But later in God’s word we see them start to miss Egypt. Long for it even. At this point they had the promise of Israel to look forward to.

Sometimes We Can Forget

They had a promise of a new land. A place that would be their own. A place flowing with milk and honey.

Instead of holding on to that promise. Instead of looking to that promise. They looked back. They longed for Egypt.

They wanted to go back. Go back to what was comfortable and familiar. To what they knew.

And sadly we often do the same. We look back longing for what God brought us out of. We long for what we had.

Sometimes we can forget the promises of God because we cannot see them yet.

We Can’t Always See God’s Promises

But it says in Romans 4:21 “And, being fully assured that what God had promised, He was able also to perform.’

Even though we can’t always see God’s promises, we can know and trust that he will do what he says.

Don’t long for something God took you out of just because you cannot picture in your mind how God will fulfill his promise.

Let the promise be enough. Let your knowledge of who God is and his character be enough for you to trust him.

Stop longing for Eqypt when you have the promise of Israel.