Welcome to the FVC Blogs page.  We have a variety of different writers and topics for you to choose from.  Some blogs are updated monthly, others weekly so check back often for new perspectives from our Christian bloggers and make sure to share the ones you like on twitter and Facebook and other social media.

Pastor Matt Blog

Pastor Matt’s Blog
Check Out Pastor Matt’s Video Blogs On Youtube

crystal's gems

Crystal’s Gems
Pastor Crystal gives her thoughts on verses and the things of God on Facebook. #RunYourRace


Net Apostles
Pastor Todd blogs social media and sharing Jesus on the internet.


Thrive Podcast
A podcast that will Equip you with tools, empower you to be bold in your faith and excite you that you are living for God.


Thrive Blog

Deacon Jenn Maiorca blogs about thriving as a Christian.

Deacons Glen and Jenna Petersen discuss the bible, worship, and all other things related to Jesus.


Little Missions
Deacon Heather Foster talks about missions, the Bible, direction, and healing.


Desperate Ministries
Founded from a belief that it is when we reach the end of our own energy and when the world holds out little hope of succeeding, God is there to meet us and give us hope.


Kathryn blogs about parenting, cancer, marriage, some book reviews, and living victoriously with God

Hammer Time

Roger and Pam Hammerquist discus the Bible, relationships, Real Estate and Faith and Victory Church.