At Faith and Victory Church we think technology and smart phones are fun.  That is why we have a created the FVC App.  The FVC App allows you watch the services live, listen to any old sermons you might have missed, be messaged with up to date information about the church, tithe digitally, order #FVCLife tee-shirts, and so much more.

The FVC App is available in both the Android and Google stores.  Download for free today by search for FVC App and looking for the FVC yellow church/cross logo (above).

FVC Social Media

At Faith and Victory Church we use social media to spread the gospel to the world.  We encourage you to check in on Facebook, take a selfie and post it to Instagram, tweet your favorite part of the sermon using #FVCLive, and follow us on youtube.  We would love to engage with you on whatever social media you use.  Give us a shout out using the links below.


At Faith and Victory Church we have fun sharing our lives and the gospel online.  Every week, we post pictures on Facebook with the hashtag #FVCLife.  On Sunday we pick a winner and he/she is announced via the video announcements.  If you don’t currently have any FVC Gear that’s ok because tee-shirt orders are frequent and you also get lots of FVC shirts from retreats and other events.

If you would like find out the next opportunity to order a #FVCLife tee-shirt please email Pastor Todd Sommer @ todd@faithandvictory.com

Faith and Victory Church makes $0.00 dollars on shirt sales.  We sell the shirts at cost because it’s fun and our congregation loves it.

FVC Videos

At Faith and Victory Church we love to make Church videos.  We want to make the craziest, wackiest, funniest, coolest church videos that ever existed.  We’ve picked out some of our favorites and posted them below.  Make sure you follow the FVC Church Facebook Page to keep up to date on the latest cool videos.

If you would like to be a part of making these videos reach out to Deacon Kasey Maiorca with Thrive Studios.

With the help of Q. Missions Faith and Victory Church embarks on a special mission to encourage it’s senior pastors.

2017 Men’s Advance Video – Soul Wars

Father Daughter Ball Mannequin Challenge

Women’s Retreat 2016 #IAmStrong


FVC Welcomes Pastor John Butcher

FVC Kids Advance