3D Discipleship

3D Discipleship

3D Discipleship

Chapters (links to each chapter below in blue)

Intro – Establish the reason for this book.

Am I Saved?/World View/Church Beliefs– Establish what is it to be saved

Accountability – Establish that we need to be held accountable for our actions.

Bible\Bible Reading – Establish where we get our faith from\how to read the Bible

Prayer – Establish that the life of a Christian is one of a relationship with God.

Worship  – Establish that the life of a Christian is one of being thankful for what he did for us.

Fasting – Establish that the life of a Christian is one of sacrifice and discipline.

Forgiveness\Communion – Establishing that because God forgave us that we must forgive others.  Communion is a time when we remember the sacrifice Jesus gave so we could be forgiven.

Church – Establish that we are a part of the body

Sermons – Establish that we don’t just listen to sermons, we allow them to change our lives.

Holy Spirit\Sanctification\Temptation – Establish that we must become seasoned saints moving away from sin through the power of the Holy Spirit and away from the temptation of the sin of the world.

Pastoral Authority\Baptism – Establish that the body is held accountable to Christ and the members of the body are held accountable to the leadership of the body and each other.

Serve\Tithe – Establish that we have responsibilities to the body.

Sharing the Gospel\Missions – Establish that we must bring others to the body

Wrap Up

3D Discipleship Overview

Over the years of leading a church and doing ministry together, we have gone through several phases of discipling people.  Most of these attempts were founded in the best of intentions, but if we were being honest we could have done more.  In fact, you might say that people became discipled in spite of the fact that we took them through our programs.  While the “programs” we used were solid from a Biblical standpoint, they lacked the practical or application side of discipleship and  had little accountability to make sure people were learning what they needed to learn and applying them.  Reading a book and answering fill in the blank questions was not changing people’s lives.  We built a lot of great relationships but often left those which we wanted to disciple in the same spiritual situation that they came to us in.  We needed a new answer.  Instead of trying to use someone else’s discipleship process, this time we decided to make our own.  Everything that follows is a result of that endeavor. 

Main Verse

Colossians 1:28–29 – Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ. For this I toil, struggling with all his energy that he powerfully works within me.

Not A Book

Our goal for this process is not to sell books.  At our core we are not writers.  We are Pastors.  Our specialty is is life change not putting our thoughts to paper.  While these lessons will involve reading and writing, that will not be it’s main focus.  Our main focus will be the process of you walking through a lifechange where you can be held accountable (because you want to be) for learning and then living out your faith as a mature Christian.  We will not provide you with all the answers in this book (by design).  Some you may need to seek out from your discipleship partner, or a pastor, prayer, the Bible, in a previous sermon, or another trusted mature Christian in the Body.  More importantly. each

session is designed for you to act on what you have learned which will hopefully lead to a greater understanding of what has been taught.  Your discipleship process may differ from others but ultimately it should end the same.  Bearing fruit so that others may know Christ.

No Time Limit

There is not a set time to complete the discipleship process or any of the different lessons.  Some lessons may take you longer and some shorter.  There is no shame about the length of this process as long as you are earnestly seeking God.  You will not progress until you and your discipleship mentor both agree that you are ready.  Ultimately, we are all seeking to know God more until right up until the day we die. 

Disciples need another person to be Discipled

Discipleship is a process of where this is someone that is teaching and someone who is learning.  The “mature” Christian and the person who is seeking to be mature.  Sometimes maturity comes with time and age but you can shorten the process by being intentional and learning from those that have went before you.  In this process you will need a mature Christian to help and lead you through the process (Discipleship Mentor).  Please consult Pastor Todd or Pastor Shelly to find someone suitable or request someone for this process.

How Does 3D Discipleship Work?

After securing a Discipleship Mentor, simply get started!  Each section is broken down into Bible Verses to read, sermons to listen to, questions to answer, and tasks to complete.  As you have questions or complete questions/tasks meet up with your Discipleship Mentor to discuss how you’ve grown and what you’ve learned.  When you’ve completed everything and you and your Discipleship Mentor are satisfied with your progress you can move forward to the next section.  Do not skip ahead or start working on the next section until you are finished with the section you are on.  Remember that this book is a marathon and not a race.  Take the time to learn and experience what is being taught. 

God Bless

Faith and Victory Pastoral Team

3D Discipleship

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