At the beginning of every year FVC does a corporate (entire church) fast.   If you have never fasted before, it can be intimidating but also exciting because God can move mightily during this time of your faith.

Fasting can happened different ways but for the FVC fast we will be doing water only.  That means during the designated times you will consume no food or drink other than water.  If you feel you have a health concern with restricting food that way please consult your doctor.

We do the water fasting in 1 Day – 2 Day – 3 Day format.  Which is to say the first week we fast for one day.  The second week 2 days (48 hours) and the last week 3 days (64 hours).  That way we kind of work up to fasting for three days. 

For 2020 the format would look like this

January 8th – Fast

January 14th to 15th – Fast

January 20th to 22nd – Fast

On January 22nd we will end the fast with a worship night.  If you have never worshiped God while not having eaten for three days it’s a pretty amazing experience that will bring you closer to God. 

While fasting you will probably feel discomfort (hunger).  The goal of the fast is not to be cranky during this time but rather when you feel uncomfortable to use that as a reminder to trust God and lean on him.  If you have any questions about fasting please contact Pastor Todd on Facebook or email him at

FVC has been fasting for ten years.  We’ve included some of our favorite fasting sermons below if you need more encouragement to fast.  Just be aware that some previous years we did a 21 day Daniel Fast instead of water fasting which we are doing now.  Nothing was wrong with Daniel Fasting, we’ve just found that water fasting is easier (not specific foods to buy) to manage for everyone.