Communicating Christ

2 Corinthians 5:16-21

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@FVChurchAuburn – I’ve seen people lose the authority in their kids lives for the stupidest things. #LoveAndTruth @fairlyspiritual

‏@ambernic76 – My goal is to bring my children close to Jesus! @FVChurchAuburn @fairlyspiritual #Twitterlove

@tatyduff – If ure fighting tooth and nail to win arguments about #truth, and forget love, ure doing it wrong.
#sermon @fairlyspiritual @FVChurchAuburn

@tatyduff – If we are arguing #truth, we do so not to win, but to reconcile the truth, w/ love, for Jesus.
#sermon @fairlyspiritual @FVChurchAuburn

‏@ambernic76 – Don’t want to win the argument but want to win the person to Christ. @FVChurchAuburn @fairlyspiritual #Twitterlove


@FVChurchAuburn – I take no joy in winning over someone who doesn’t know Christ. @fairlyspiritual #YouWinYouLose

@tatyduff – If love becomes a secondary value, then it ceases to be love.
#sermon @fairlyspiritual @FVChurchAuburn @DaylightStamper @ambernic76

@ambernic76 – Truth can never be a secondary value either. It’s truth AND love.@fairlyspiritual @FVChurchAuburn #Twitterlove

‏@ambernic76 – If love becomes a secondary value it ceases to be love. @FVChurchAuburn @fairlyspiritual #Twitterlove

‏@ambernic76 – Never separate truth from love. @fairlyspiritual @FVChurchAuburn #Twitterlove

@ambernic76 – As Christians we should have a different kind of spirit. @FVChurchAuburn @fairlyspiritual #Twitterlove


@ambernic76 – I want as many people in the room to feel the love of Jesus. @FVChurchAuburn @fairlyspiritual #Twitterlove

@FVChurchAuburn – Love can never be a secondary value or it ceases to be love. @fairlyspiritual

@FVChurchAuburn – We live in a culture where truth is easier to rally around than love. @fairlyspiritual

@FVChurchAuburn – Never separate truth from love. Full truth and full love. @fairlyspiritual

@ambernic76 – Number 1 goal is to find Christ! @fairlyspiritual @FVChurchAuburn #Twitterlove

@ambernic76 – We called to find the lost. @FVChurchAuburn @fairlyspiritual #Twitterlove

@ambernic76 – We are not called to partisanship but reconciliation. @fairlyspiritual @FVChurchAuburn #Twitterlove

@ambernic76 – The goal in reconciliation is to have fellowship. @FVChurchAuburn @fairlyspiritual #Twitterlove

@FVChurchAuburn – We aren’t called to partisanship. @fairlyspiritual

@FVChurchAuburn – There is nothing in partisanship that includes reconsiliation. @fairlyspiritual


@FVChurchAuburn – How relevant is it if you can’t tweet it? @fairlyspiritual

@ambernic76 – We don’t just proclaim truth, we bring people to Jesus. @fairlyspiritual @FVChurchAuburn #Twitterlove

‏@tatyduff – We have been given the gift of reconciliation. Not 2 be right, but 2 bring people 2 the #truth!
#sermon @fairlyspiritual @FVChurchAuburn

@ambernic76 – And the flesh lived amongst us. @FVChurchAuburn @fairlyspiritual

@FVChurchAuburn – We don’t just proclaim truth. We bring people to Jesus. @fairlyspiritual

@FVChurchAuburn – Don’t just be right. Be reconsiled. @fairlyspiritual

‏@ambernic76 – The word became flesh and dwelt among us. @FVChurchAuburn @fairlyspiritual #Twitterlove


@ambernic76 – The goal is not to be right but reconciled. @FVChurchAuburn @fairlyspiritual #Twitterlove

@ambernic76 – I was once dead and lost and full of lies but Christ found me. Amen! @FVChurchAuburn @fairlyspiritual #Twitterlove

@ambernic76 – As you were brought into relationship with God it is our job to bring others into relationship with God. @fairlyspiritual @FVChurchAuburn

@ambernic76 – Through Jesus Christ we all have access to God. @FVChurchAuburn @fairlyspiritual #Twitterlove

‏@FVChurchAuburn – Truth is communicated for the purpose of reconsiliation. @fairlyspiritual

@ambernic76 – Jesus Christ bridged the divide between us and God. @FVChurchAuburn @fairlyspiritual #Twitterlove

@ambernic76 – Christ has given us the ministry of reconciliation. @fairlyspiritual @FVChurchAuburn #Twitterlove

@ambernic76 – Are you doing what God has called you to do? @fairlyspiritual @FVChurchAuburn #Twitterlove

@ambernic76 – What we believe often feels like who we are. @fairlyspiritual @FVChurchAuburn #Twitterlove


‏@FVChurchAuburn -Are you sharing the argument to lose the war? @fairlyspiritual

@ambernic76 – Pastor Doug Bursch preaching tonight at Faith and Victory Church. Woot woot. #Twitterlove

@ambernic76 – Quote of the night, “that awkward moment when you road raging against someone from your church.”

@FVChurchAuburn – The only way to shut someone up who is “always right” is to stop talking. @fairlyspiritual

@FVChurchAuburn – Doug Bursch @fairlyspiritual bring the Word tonight. #boom

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