Raised in a turbulent upbringing devoid of meaning and direction, Author and Blog Writer Crystal Krachunis shares her heart wrenching testimony of God bringing her from death to life.  Through the story you will feel the tension and experience the joy as you learn what the plan for your life is. “Run Your Race” is filled with stories of life that will touch your heart and motivate you to run the race that’s been set before you. Crystal’s struggles become your inspiration as you walk through finding the true answer to being able to overcome every personal obstacle that you face in your daily life.

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Follow along as Pastor Crystal gives us a daily Biblical nugget to apply to our lives. Make sure to check your heart and put on your fire retardant gear as she takes no prisoners and writes fire.



You may never meet Crystal Krachunis, in person, but you’ll fall in love with her transparency, humility and wonderful emulation of Jesus, within five minutes from turning the first page. No one will make it through this book and escape, without having their faith stoked like a strong wind across hot coals.

Pastor Cary Gordan – Cornerstone World Outreach – Sioux City Iowa