How to Manage the FVC Shirt Store

Go to and click login

You should have received log in information from Pastor Todd use it

You will get to a screen that looks like this. On the left hand side there is an apps link. Click on that. Then click on printify – print on demand

Now you are in the actual shirt store. Click on My Store (top middle) to see what designs we already have.

After you feel comfortable with the system it’s pretty easy to add new products but for now it’s easiest just to copy an item that is already there and alter it. Click Copy (two pieces of paper).

Once you have it copied click the edit design (paintbrush) on the copied one.

On the right is the logo that we add to the piece of clothing. Click delete layer (trashcan) to remove the logo we already used. Click on add layer to add another logo image.

I’ve added all the logos we currently have into the library. They are extremely high resolution (over 10,000 pixels) that have been created by using vector tracing. The shirt company is SUPER picky about images. DO NOT upload images unless you know for sure that it’s super high quality. The shirt company will either print bad items or spit it back at you and tell you to get better images. Both of those options are a pain.

Once you add the item make sure you size it and place it where you want it. They provide a printing “square” of dotted lines. You have to stay inside of that.

Once you change the logo on the front you need to make sure that you change the logo on the back as well (or other options above the item, you can click on them).

Last but not least you need to pick the colors that will be available for your piece of clothing. You need to click product variants (gear) You need to make sure you don’t pick clothing colors that don’t work with your logo. For example a white hoodie would not look good for the But God logo.

Once you are all done click save product (green button bottom)

This takes you to the mockups page. This gives you a chance to view your product with all the options and also in all the colors. Take a second and check it … it will save you work later. It also lets you select the color that is used to display in the store. When you are ready click next.

This is the description screen. Since we made a copy you need to change the description to reflect #ButGod hoodie we created.

We also need to change the tags at the bottom. In this instance I need to change it from #ManUP to #ButGod. If you are creating a new tag just remember what you used for future products. You need to click on the x for #ManUp to delete it. Then where it says Add tag you need to type your new tag #ButGod and hit enter.

Make sure to hit enter (it will let you move forward without doing that and I make that mistake a lot) and that your tag appears in green before you move forward.

Next is the pricing page. All the prices should be set for you already if you copied an item. If this is a new item then just set all prices here to 11 – 14% profit. That basicially covers our expenses for the shirt store (we DO NOT want to make money). It’s a hassle if we show a profit on the shirt store. Hit next after prices are set.

Last is just the publish page. You need to check the box that says Publish product to your Shopify store and click publish. It will then take you back to the store items screen and will probably take 5 minutes (ish) to make the item viewable on the store.

As you add graphics to items you’ll want to create a collection for that graphic so it can be displayed on the shirt store homepage. To do that click on Products and then Collections on the left hand side. If a collection is already created for the tag you used then you don’t need to create another one. Only do this for new images that haven’t been used yet. For example #ButGod, #Planted, #FVCLife, and #ManUp collections are already created you don’t need to create it again. If you create a new item for that group and tag it right it will just appear in the group.

You can create a new collection. Make sure to add a Title, upload a collection image (the image you are using for the shirts), and that you add the Product Tag. The product tag is whatever you put in the Tags section when creating the shirt.

Once you have your new collection created you’ll want to add it to the store front page. You do that by clicking Online Store on the left hand side.

You then click the Customize button (big blue button)

Next click on Add a section

You want to add a Featured Collection and I like to make it 2 rows of 4.

Select the collection you created and put the collection name in the heading then click the blue save button (top left)

That’s all I can think of ATM that you would need to do to manage the FVC Shirt store. You can feel free to mess with any options you want and change stuff as you like. Just don’t sell stuff for a loss :). If you have ideas for new shirts let me know and we’ll get graphics made up for them otherwise when we do retreats or new shirts I’ll upload the graphics to the store and let you know. Pastor Todd

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