Want to Get Involved in Serving God at Faith and Victory Church? This is the place for you. Some ministries will require you to be a member, but not all of them.

A few things you’ll want to consider

  • Pray about it
  • Serve in a place that you are excited about serving in
  • Each area leader has an e-mail address for contact or questions
  • Be committed to what you sign up for
  • Don’t over commit yourself
  • HAVE FUN!!!

Children’s Ministry
Get Involved with our Children’s Ministry and teach the future pastors, missionaries, leaders, and members of our church.

Junior Helpers
Teens Can Serve Jesus! Join our Junior Helpers program to serve in the children’s ministry.

Cleaning Ministry
At Faith and Victory Church our cleaning team selflessly cleans the church every week.  Sign up for a once a month commitment.

Revolution Youth Group
Be a part of our teen’s lives and volunteer to help out with Revolution Youth. Just your adult presence can affect them in a positive way.

Worship Team
If you love to praise and worship Jesus this could be your ministry. You don’t have to be a professional musician but should know the basics.  Worship team rehearsals are Thursday nights from 6 PM – 8 PM.

If you like the good old hymns this is the place for you. This group worships at special events and also worships with senior citizens at the Canterbury House.

Slides Ministry
In this ministry you serve by advancing worship slides and sermon verses on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Sound Board Ministry
We need people that can run the sound board during services and special events. No knowledge needed. We will train you.

Live Streaming Ministry
At FVC we video stream our services live on the internet. We would love for you to help with this. No experience required.

Print Ministry
We print flyers, name tags, certificates, posters, and all sorts of other things at Faith and Victory Church. If you have an eye for printing or editing this is the place for you.

Social Media Team
This group loves to share Jesus on the internet. If you enjoy social media and want to help the church this is the place for you.

Website Ministry
Our Website is big part of what we do at FVC. If you like to design/edit or learn to do website work we’d love have you.

Photography Ministry 
At Faith and Victory Church we take tons of pictures to use on social media, our printed material, and the website.  If you love taking pictures join the team.

AMC Host

Serve the Lord and others by serving treats and making coffin in the AMC before and after Sunday services

AMC Treats
Serve the Lord by baking treats to give out in the AMC services.

Safety Team
We want our church to be a safe place for everyone that attends. Our safety team is trained in CPR and stands watch making sure that everything is running smoothly.

Greeters Ministry
As a FVC greeter you hand out new visitor bags, answer simple questions (where is the bathrooms, children’s classrooms, coffee), and be super friendly to everyone.

Experience Team
This team fills the chairs with envelopes, pens, and bibles. They also try to remove trash between services and keep the sanctuary tidy.

FVC Announcements
At Faith and Victory Church we do weekly announcements to keep our congregation updated on what’s going on.  You can help video tape and coordinate that weekly video.

Landscaping Ministry
At Faith and Victory Church we like to keep the outside of our church looking as good as the inside. The landscaping team blows the leaves out, paints, trims, plants, weeds, and does anything else needing to be done outside.

Hospitality and Helps
At Faith and Victory Church we believe that we are all part of God’s global family.  Our desire is to provide temporary assistance by running errands and cooking meals when welcoming a newborn or recovering from illness or surgery.

Ushers Ministry
FVC Ushers insure that our growing church can always find a seat.

FVC Missions
Help organize and coordinate our efforts to support missions here in the US and all around the world.

Big Events
Through the year our church has reoccurring big events that must be planned for and executed. You can be a part of planning and organizing these events.