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Sunday Sermon

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SAFETY NETS ARE BEING stripped away. This is the word and Scripture the Lord gave me Sunday morning, January 17, 2021, “And it shall be That he who flees from the noise of the fear Shall fall into the pit, And he who comes up from the midst of the pit Shall be caught in…

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STRENGTH, COURAGE then safety. Many are seeking “safety”, run and hide! Isolate and stay safe! Preserve yourself. I heard the voice of the Lord say, “Strength! Courage! and then I will provide safety!” These are the days that take strength, not in your own strength; but in His strength we can do all things. Yet,…

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SWEPT OUT TO SEA. I remember being at the beach as a teen, hanging out all day and by the time evening started setting in, a car was floating in the ocean. The guy was in his car trying to save the car and everyone was yelling at him, “Let it go! Come back to…

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“BY PRIDE COMES NOTHING but strife. When pride comes, then comes shame”, says wisdom. Proverbs has multiple verses concerning pride. Why so much on one certain thing? Because pride is sneaky. It often comes in unaware and it’s not so easy to detect by the naked eye. The prideful heart is stubborn and rebellious. It…

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LET NO MAN STEAL your joy. How many times have we heard this? Actually, I think this is a misnomer. To steal says to me that someone comes in sneakily and takes from you, but no man can take from you the gift of God that possesses you and that you truly possess. The Bible…

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LOVE DOES NOT REJOICE IN SIN. There’s a vastly different and obscene definition of “love” floating around the church and society. See, society is supposed to be a reflection of the church, but unfortunately the church is reflecting society. Please watch the documentary, “The Fight for the Soul of Seattle”. This is a disturbing picture…

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