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YOU HAVE NOT achieved victory because you have not yet died. Victory only comes through death. Smith Wigglesworth said, “If there’s anything in you that likes to be seen or heard, it has to die; for Jesus must must get all the glory in a person”. When will you come to the realization that this…

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NOTHING SHOULD HAVE CONTROL over us. It’s the reason I stop drinking coffee for an extended period at least once a year. But here’s a question: do other’s words control you? What do I mean? Do you take to heart what’s others say to you or about you behind your back? You eventually hear the…

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THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. Are you struggling today? Good. It means you are still in this fight! There is no victory without conflict. Your struggle means you’re still alive and breathing and you haven’t given up and quit. Your struggle means you’re human and you still have to fight that old nasty flesh. You’re struggling…

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HE WILL OPEN UP THE SEA before you; you need but only to stand back and watch. The opening of the Red Sea is one of the awesomest (is this even a word??) miracles recorded in scripture. Can you imagine being there? What was it like? Walking through walls of water on dry land? Amazing!…

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DID YOU KNOW THAT IF YOU listen to slander, then you are taking part in it? If you allow someone to gossip to you, then you are taking part in it. Whatever conversation you give your attention to, you are a part of and it’s as bad as the person who’s slandering. Proverbs tells us,…

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HOARDED MANNA ROTS. Maybe you know the history of Israel and how the Lord rained down “manna” (translated-what is it?) from heaven. God gave them stipulations for gathering the manna: only collect enough for your daily needs. Any manna that was leftover until the next day rotted. God was showing His people that He would…

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