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I GET IT. EVERYONE wants to be encouraged. But today’s Christians really don’t want the Bible’s way of encouragement, they want to tickle their ears and be entertained, “Tell me things that make me feel good”. It’s encouragement for their feelings and emotions. And these are not the same. “The law of the LORD is…

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MY DAUGHTER RAN THE STAIRS with me yesterday. She asks, “you’re not going to try to race me, are you?” Nope not me. I told her, “I have no need to compete with anyone; let alone a 16 year old that I know can beat me up these stairs”. But here’s where I know I…

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IF YOU CANNOT EAT ONE brownie, don’t bake a whole pan. If your right eye offends you, pluck it out. If you can’t keep your mouth, stay out of some circles. If you can’t have just one, then you get none. If you struggle with lust, turn off your TV and don’t have a smart…

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THERE IS A GREAT HAZARD of returning to Egypt when you first come out; but perhaps there’s an even greater threat when you have been living in the promised land for a long time. It’s a little thing called complacency. A complacent person has become smug and self-satisfied, you might say proud. They feel like…

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HEALTHY PLUS WEALTHY equals happy. Or at least the world would tell you that, even some Christians will tell you that. If you believe that to be happy you have to be healthy and wealthy, then please be sure to tell that to St Paul. My “happiness” is not found in any circumstance. The joy…

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HAVING A STRONG OPINION about something is not the same as knowing about it. You have an obligation in any conversation to have enough knowledge about the subject to keep up; and if not, then shut up and listen. Carry this over into your conversations with the Lord. Are you telling Him what you’re going…

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