God has forgiven all of us of so many sins.  As a Christian when I fully understand the full weight of what that means, I can no longer refuse to forgive other people no matter what they did.  Forgiveness does not mean trust, you don’t have to trust those that have sinned against you.  It does however that you let the emotions go and should be able to act civilly around those that have wronged us.  Communion is our monthly reminder that God sacrificed his Son on the Cross for our sins.  It is a chance to examine our hearts and make sure that aren’t holding forgiveness in our heart and to ask God to continue to be patient with us as we continue to mature as a Christian. 

Bible Verses: Colossians 3:13, Isaiah 55:7, Luke 23:34, Proverbs 28:13, James 5:16, Luke 6:37, Matthew 6:14-15, Luke 17:3-4, 1 Corinthians 11:23-26, Matthew 26:26-28, Exodus 12 (whole chapter)

Sermons to Listen/Review

You Must Forgive –

The Blood Covenant –

Questions – Answer in an email or paper to turn in to your Discipleship Mentor.

What does forgiveness mean to you?

What is the difference between forgiveness and repentance?

Do you struggle with getting along with people?  Why?

Do you struggle forgiving people?  Why?

Describe the relationship between the Passover and Communion.

Describe why God’s covenant with Abraham is so important.

Describe the Seder meal and it’s relevance.   


#1.  If there is any person inside or outside the church that you are holding a grudge against.  Go and forgiven them in person.

#2.  Discuss with your Discipleship Mentor the person who you don’t get along with most in life.  Discuss why you don’t get along with them.  Discuss what you can do better. 

#3.  Invite your Discipleship Mentor over to your house to a meal and do communion before or after. 



I verify before God and before the witness (Discipleship Mentor) that I have listened to the sermons, read the Bible verses, answered the questions, and completed the tasks as assigned.  I am commited to living a life of forgiveness and I have cleansed my heart of all grudges.  I have learned about covenants, the Seder Passover Meal, and Communion.  I will take what I have learned and hold it close to my heart as I partake in all future Communions. 

Discipleship Mentor

I verify before God, that I held accountable to learning about God’s forgiveness and Communion.  I have witnessed this Disciple’s willingness to forgive others and also have taken part in a Seder Passover Meal which they prepared.  I have also checked and discussed all the questions and tasks that were assigned.  This disciple is ready to move forward.

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