New Visitors

New Visitors

Thank You For Your Interest!

We are so excited that you have found our little corner of the internet and are interested in visiting Faith and Victory Church in Auburn Washington.  This page is dedicated to helping YOU have a smooth and stress free experience on your first visit with us.
Sunday Service – 9 AM and 11 AM
Wednesday Service 7 PM
Sunday Services last about 90 minutes (30 minutes worship and one hour preaching).  Wednesday Services last about an hour (25 minutes worship and 35 minutes preaching).  
Please watch our welcome video below to get a 90 second glimpse of what will be in store for you.
New Visitors

Things You’ll Need to Know

 We are an extremely friendly and welcoming church.  If you come 15 – 20 minutes early expect to talk with multiple people.  If you are a little bit more shy and don’t want to talk to a lot of people show up closer to when service starts.

All new visitors receive a yellow bag.  The yellow bag has a FVC Mug and information about our church.

The AMC (Alexander Ministry Center) is a separate building directly across from the Sanctuary (big building).  On Sundays, it will have free snacks and coffee.  On Wednesdays, this is where the youth group meets (6th Grade – 12 Grade).

Other Things You Need To Know

We are a non denominational Christian Church.  We believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit but we keep things in check (no craziness).
We believe that worship is not just for the worship team.  We sing loudly (sometimes off key), clap excitedly, and raise our hands to worship the creator.
We consider the woke ideology of today unBiblical and sinful.
We preach hard hitting, life changing, Biblical truth sermons that shake you to your core.  You will leave church feeling challenged.  
As a first time visitor we ask that you please NOT give into the offering.  We appreciate you visiting and excited to get to know you.  If you would like to know more about what we believe please kick on the what we believe button below!
New Visitors
New Visitors
New Visitors