THERE IS ONE THING THAT ABSOLUTELY boils my blood- being falsely accused and having someone tell me why I did or why I am doing something. Ugh! Do you have people in your life constantly telling you why you did something? They don’t ask why you did that, they tell you, “You did that because ‘blank’”. They think they have you all figured out, constantly falsely accusing your intentions and motives. In the church, there’s constant accusations against the pastor and practically anytime the church takes up an offering. “That pastor just wants my money!” Or here’s another false accusation, “That pastor just wants to control me!” Brother, if anyone could control you, I would make your life look way different than it does.

Or maybe it’s you? Are you so spiritually mature you always know why someone did/does something? Have you been given the ability to discern people’s hearts? I’m going out on a limb here and saying, “Nope”. There is not a single man on this earth who can discern another’s heart. Be very careful friend. This is such a dangerous place to be, where you assume you know the thoughts and intents of another’s heart. It’s very dangerous to try to discern another’s motives.

Be careful, lest God finds you to be a liar when you falsely accuse and misjudge someone else’s motives. The condemnation you bring on another will come back on you. There’s a natural and universal law of reaping and sowing and I have seen it in effect.

Yes, you can judge another by their fruit, but fruit often takes years to develop. Only the Lord knows our heart and mind. He knows exactly WHY we are doing something, even when we don’t know the “why”. If we or others have bad or faulty motives, He will take care of it. Scripture tells us that our sin will find us out and He will bring everything done in the dark out into the light. If I’ve learned anything from Korah, it’s to stand far away from those hurling false accusations against the righteous.

“I, the LORD, search the heart, I test the mind, Even to give every man according to his ways, According to the fruit of his doings.”

‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭17:10‬


If you are judging another’s intent- stop it. This is not your job. Take others at their word. If this is being done to you, do not worry when you are falsely accused. You are in good company. Jesus was falsely accused and following Him will produce the same affects in our life as He received. Just keep on doing what you’re doing as unto the Lord. Let people judge your heart and motives, it’s not your job to convince people you are not guilty of their accusations. It is also not your job to defend yourself.

We have one Advocate and He knows His job well. Let people believe lies about you, on that day all will be made known. For some of you, this should scare you. Our motives will be made known and laid before all to see. We can either be embarrassed at His coming, or we can rejoice and say, “Even so, come Lord Jesus!”


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