“ALL IN!” A poker declaration that is so assured of their hand, they are willing to bet everything. I see a lot of people “all in” for a lot of things: “all in” for their marriage, “all in” for their job, “all in” for their family; but when it comes to the Lord, it’s “I’ll put in some, and only when I want.”

A lukewarm syndrome permeates the American Christian culture. “MEism” is rampant. Tozer said this, “If Jesus is not controlling all of me, chances are good He’s not controlling any of me.” It has to be all or nothing. God’s not interested in lukewarm followers. You go to church when YOU want to go, serve and love the brethren when it’s convenient for you. You will give some: some of your money, some of your time, some of your heart, but not all. Your “personal faith” is a lie from Hell. Faith proves love.

THESE are signs of a divided, lukewarm heart. Jesus said that the “cares of this world” choke out the Word of God. It’s never been more true than in today’s society. Jesus knows your heart and your actions are a DIRECT reflection of what’s in it. “Nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your first love.” Revelation‬ ‭2:4‬ ‭ Dear friend, the Holy Spirit pleads with you to repent of your selfishness and divided love. He requires you to go “ALL IN”. Throw up your hands in surrender and lay down your life.

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