HOSEA HAD THE DIFFICULT task of prophesying a coming judgment to the rebellious and unrepentant people of the northern kingdom of Israel during its last 30-plus years. During this time, Israel was enjoying a temporary period of economic prosperity and political peace that produced a false sense of security. Hosea was God’s last attempt to call the Israelites to repent of their persistent idolatry before giving them over to the full judgment of their sins, “Ephraim is oppressed and broken in judgment, Because he willingly walked by human precept.” Hosea‬ ‭5:11‬ ‭

Another translation, “he willingly walked after the commandments of men”, and not after the commandments of God. For this sin, God judged them justly, even through the unjust judgment of man. God mostly punishes, through our own choice, those who choose against His. The Jews said, “we have no king but Caesar,” and Caesar destroyed them. It begs the question: by whose precepts are you walking? Choose Caesar and you will be destroyed by Caesar. Simple.

Obedience to God is simple, but it’s not easy. Disobedience is complicated. Our allegiance to Jesus and His Word cannot be divided- He is either Lord of all, or He is not Lord at all. I see way too many divided hearts between Jesus and Caesar. It’s humanistic thinking to please others above God. And we do this by twisting Scripture to make it fit our agenda instead of taking God at His Word. Just obey God and leave the consequences up to Him. If the story of my life is, “I obeyed God and lost everything”, then I’m ok with that. But it will not be, “I disobeyed God because I feared Caesar”. #runyourrace

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