FROM THAT MOMENT. “And from that moment he sought a fitting opportunity to betray Him.” Matthew‬ ‭26:16‬ ‭From what moment? It was right after Judas rebuked Jesus for allowing the woman to anoint Him with precious oil that he sought a prize for betrayal. Judas believed as the other Jewish disciples- that Jesus was the coming King. Yet, they believed He would usher in His kingdom right now, a political kingdom to destroy Rome.

At that moment, I believe Judas had a revelation that Jesus meant what He said when He said, “she has done this for My burial”. At that moment, all Judas’ hopes and dreams of ruling in a kingdom along side the rightful King were smashed. All of dreams of being rich and famous were demolished. “This is conjecture”, you say. Yet I say to you that I have been in ministry for over 17 years as a senior leader and I have seen this same heart come through the church more times than I can count.

A person will follow you, love you and sing your praises UNTIL that moment when they realize you will not do for them what they want you to do. Ask any senior leader, it’s a common theme. Where selfish ambition exists, every evil work abounds. At least Judas had enough common sense to not rope in any of the other disciples with his greedy heart and act of betrayal. There’s a lot of lessons we can learn from Judas, but let’s discuss, “from that moment”. Are you one moment away from destruction? Do you say, “if they do *this, I’m done!”?

Why are you putting your expectations on people? Search your own heart- is there greed, jealousy, selfish ambition? Do you always say, “what’s in it for me?” Ask God to change you. Refuse to allow bitterness and offense to take root, it will harden your heart. The call of Christ is to abandon your life, your wants and desires, die to yourself and live wholly for Him. Only those with clean hands and a pure heart will approach Him. #runyourrace

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