Called to Battle – square

because it is written, “Be holy, for I am holy.”
1 Peter 1:16

This spoke to me this morning, “Because it is written”. Why do we, as those who believe, those who have been set apart for a time such as this, those who love Christ more than life, live the way we do? Because it is written in the word of God, because the Lord has directed us to a specific standard of living while we are here.

As the years wear on, people have begun to fall further from the truth because they have forgotten this. It is written so that you may profit from His instruction, His correction and conviction of your sin, and for your training in righteousness so that you may be holy, because He is holy. It is written that you may never forget what He has done and what He is still going to do. He has magnified His word above His name, therefore “it is written” that you may know His will (Psa. 138:2c).

When Jesus was faced with temptation, His response was “It is written..”, yet satan also tempted with “It is written”. There is power in the word of God, and the world knows this. Countries ban the Bible because they know its power, and satan twists the word because of its power. We cannot allow ourselves to be pulled from the truth! Jesus said “till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled”. A jot, similar to our period at the end of a sentence, and a tittle being a little pen stroke, similar to what differentiates an i from a j.

There is such power in the word that even the smallest character will not be done away with until all is fulfilled, so why do we continue to treat the word as a suggestion rather than a command? Many fail to achieve victory over sin because they do not know what is written or take seriously the warnings of Scripture. Many will fail to overcome death because they are mistreating His servants and abusing the stewardship given to them. Many today spend more time condemning their fellow servants than they do preaching the word of God to the lost, they spend their time lifting themselves up and casting others down. Have we forgotten what is written, and more importantly, why?


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