BETRAYAL AND OFFENSEI hate to tell you this but betrayal is in the DNA of Christianity. If you are a follower of Christ, you will not escape being betrayed. Jesus was betrayed by one of His chosen 12; what makes you think you will not be betrayed? After all, He was perfect in all of His ways and we just touch the hem of His garment.

You can be the kindest, most forgiving and grace-extending person and you will still be betrayed. It’s inevitable. I think because it’s a great tool of the enemy to hurt us. What hurts more than having a trusted friend and confidant betray you? There’s a few things that rank higher, but betrayal does not only bring waves of pain, it also erodes at our trust in others. Some may never really trust another again after being betrayed. It has done its work.

The Lord spoke of the end times, including events and attitudes in Matthew 24. I have spoken of these before: 1) lawlessness will abound, 2) agape love will grow cold, 3) men’s hearts will fail them because of fear, 4) false prophets will deceive the masses. Paul also spoke of end time people in his letter to Timothy, “people will have itching ears and will not endure sound doctrine”. Boy am I seeing this one come to fruition in droves! Back to Matthew 24, Christ says, “And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another.” Matthew‬ ‭24:10‬ ‭

As I look at what’s happening across the nation and world, there’s been three pastors arrested in Canada for holding worship services. I have to wonder who betrayed them to the authorities? People videoing others not wearing a mask in places like Costco, publicly shaming them, betraying them to others and public scrutiny. Other so-called Christians who are caught in the deception of the time, calling other Christians clowns and fools for not supporting government overreach. Ex-church members calling the health dept. seeking to get the pastor in trouble.

As I have taught, the sea beast that comes out of the raging waters in Revelation 13 is a global, one world government system. Many are being deceived and lack knowledge of prophetic events. These people seek the approval of men over the approval of God and attack those who seek to please the Lord above all else. As Jude tells us, “contend for the faith!” And we are contending in the midst of a wicked and perverse generation and an apostate betraying church. Betrayal often comes through an offense.

A few years ago, we had someone who though they were entitled to be made a pastor at our church. My husband told him he was not ready and therefore would not be made a pastor. He became highly offended and then began to spread lies and slander about us to majority of the congregation, even those outside the church who had nothing to do with us got sucked in. This person who we had loved, supported, and helped became offended and betrayal entered. What do you do when you are betrayed? The same as Jesus prayed, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Here’s what I know, if someone does not repent and continues in their offense, betrayal and spreading of lies; destruction is inevitable, “A false witness will not go unpunished, And he who speaks lies will not escape.”‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭19:5‬ ‭They will not escape. Remember Korah. God is long suffering and gracious, but He has a limit to your refusal to repent. Pride goes before destruction. If you have been forgiven, you should want to see people forgiven and made whole; not fall into destruction.

Unfortunately, only destruction works in some people’s hearts to bring about repentance. They cannot see the error of their ways and the destructive path they left behind, pride has blinded them. If you are offended, get over it. It’s a choice to be offended. You are not that special and are probably thinking more highly of yourself than you ought. Psalm 119:165 reads, “Great peace have they who love Your law and nothing shall offend them.” If you’ve been betrayed, pray the prayer of our Savior Jesus, who humbled Himself to become a fleshly man and modeled for us that the greatest power we have over our enemy is to forgive men when they do not understand what they are doing. Do not let your heart become bitter because of another’s betrayal. You still have a race to run. #runyourrace

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