NOTHING SHOULD HAVE CONTROL over us. It’s the reason I stop drinking coffee for an extended period at least once a year. But here’s a question: do other’s words control you? What do I mean? Do you take to heart what’s others say to you or about you behind your back? You eventually hear the gossip about you, for everything done in darkness shall be brought into the light. But, do you let those words affect your life?

While the Bible speaks of words that can penetrate the heart and the power of words to build up or destroy; you have the ability to either receive those words or cast them away. We can recognize someone’s heart for us by the words coming out of them: gossip, slander, lies, cruel and hurtful jesting; all come from a wicked heart. Why would you receive anything from an evil man? “The upright man out of the good treasure [stored] in his heart produces what is upright, and the evil man out of the evil storehouse brings forth that which is depraved; for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.” Luke‬ ‭6:45‬

All throughout Scripture there is multiple references to the words of our mouth and YOU are responsible for your words, but you also are responsible to not take in words that will harm you. Put on your armor. Cast down every word that has the potential to destroy your joy. Do not receive words that are meant for evil, for this kind is only from the accuser of the brethren. Build your faith up with the beautiful and holy Words of God. Speak His words of life over yourself and others and reject the unwholesome words of an evil man.

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