OUR ATTITUDE TOWARDS CORRECTION reveals our own spiritual state. A son will receive correction; an illegitimate child will not, but is rebellious and cantankerous at rebuke- read Hebrews 12:5-11. If we desire to please our Lord and desire holiness in our life, we will welcome rebuke that convicts us of anything contrary to God’s Word.

“Let the righteous man smite and correct me–it is a kindness. Oil so choice let not my head refuse or discourage; for even in their evils or calamities shall my prayer continue.” Psalm‬ ‭141:5‬ ‭David said that correction is like anointing oil, it brings with it a beautiful blessing of righteousness. When a man/woman cries out against sin and compromise in the church, they should be supported, not rejected and scoffed at.

Your attitude towards these servants of God reveals your own sinful heart. Here’s a record of what’s being played out in today’s church, “Don’t judge”, “that’s not loving”, “you are not God”, “I know the Bible”, “God does not do that.” And the ear-tickling list goes on. If you do not receive correction, you are not a son, but are illegitimate. God disciplines and corrects His children and He often uses others to correct us. The question is will you receive it? Or will you reject it? God has a path of restoration, but many run from it because they love their sin and refuse to believe they have done anything wrong. He forgives sin, not excuses. Take correction like a man and it will bring forth a finer vessel for His glory and honor. #runyourrace

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