Blessed is the man You choose,
And cause to approach You,
That he may dwell in Your courts.
We shall be satisfied with the goodness of Your house,
Of your holy temple.
Psalm 65:4

I often hear the question being asked, “Do you read the Bible every day?” It’s perplexing that the question needs to be asked of any believer, but there’s more to this question. Anyone can read the Bible, but not many glean true wisdom from it because that’s all they’re doing, reading. You must do more, you have to sit in His presence and allow Him to minister to you through it. That’s why we pray, because there’s a relationship that needs to be strengthened. That’s why we worship, because He is worthy and deserving of it, and it prepares our hearts to be near Him.

I’ve had days where my heart was not right, and I’ve sat for hours reading the Bible and received nothing from it. BLESSED is the man He allows to approach Him, to sit in His glorious presence, to be surrounded by Him. There’s no earthly gain that compares to sitting in His presence, there is nothing that will satisfy the longing of the heart like being near to Him. It’s not enough to simply read a devotional every day, or to read the “verse of the day”.

Can man live on a slice of bread? Will you settle for crumbs when the Lord has prepared a feast for you? The Lord doesn’t desire that you merely read about Him, He’s calling you to dwell with Him, He’s calling you to sit at His feet and delight yourself in His glory. Are you truly being filled? Do you know what it is to be still at His feet, to be surrounded by Him? Those that know the presence of the Lord do not need to be encouraged to read the Bible, it will be a longing of their heart that can’t be satisfied elsewhere.


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