STAY IN THE FIRE. “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, But the LORD delivers him out of them all.” Psalms‬ ‭34:19‬ ‭God has promised blessing and favor for those who obey His commands; yet along side this promise is the reality that “many are the afflictions of the righteous”.

Believing in and trusting the Lord, living righteously, and obeying the Holy Spirit will not keep us from trouble or suffering in this life. On the contrary, allegiance to God and obedience to His Word welcomes testing and persecution. God is a refiner and He refines His people through the fire. Persecution will be the lot of all who seek to live in harmony with the Word of God (Matt 5:10). Those who uphold God’s standard of truth, justice and purity and who at the same time refuse to compromise with the present evil society or the lifestyle of lukewarm believers will undergo unpopularity, rejection and criticism.

Persecution and opposition will come from the world and sadly, at times from other professing believers, “But the LORD delivers him out of them all”. We must have a revelation that the Lord wishes to deliver us out of all our afflictions! Get this down in your spirit today. When His purpose in permitting affliction is accomplished, He will deliver; His way and in His time. You can take that to the bank. Stay in the fire, wait on the Lord and you will come forth as gold. #runyourrace

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