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Let us therefore be diligent to enter that rest, lest anyone fall according to the same example of disobedience.
Hebrews 4:11

As we worshiped on Sunday, the Lord spoke to me during one of the songs as we sang “You were, You are, and You’ll be forever, The King enthroned in glorious splendor”. He said to me “I will reign forever, who among you will reign with Me? I will reign forever, but only the obedient will reign alongside Me”.

It was a sharp reminder for me that I had been walking in disobedience, even if only for a short time, and that I needed to repent and return to Him immediately. The Bible says we must be DILIGENT to enter His rest, because there will be many who will not enter because of their lack of diligence. A lack of diligence on our parts leads to disobedience, compromise, and a lukewarm state that’s repulsive to the Lord (Rev. 3:16). Through their witness, a lukewarm Christian tells the unbelieving world that there is no power in Christ, that there’s no true satisfaction in Him, why else would they be indifferent and quick to seek pleasure in the world?

Are you being diligent to enter the rest the Lord has promised? I fear that too many are not, too many amidst the church are not burning with righteousness, but merely glowing embers that once were ablaze. We must be diligent to pursue Him, live according to His word, and seek Him fervently, because the greatest of saints is nothing if they turn away from Him.

Many started out well, but how many finished their race strong? Who among us is impervious to the deceit and tactics of the enemy if we fall away from the covering of the Lord? You may only stray 1 degree, but that leads to a great difference between you and your intended destination. Pray and ask the Lord where you are lacking, ask the Lord to renew that fire you once had. The time is shorter still, each day brings us closer to His return. Will you be found in Him?


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