WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? In Biblical times, dogs weren’t friendly house pets, they were scavengers. They roamed about looking for food scraps and would bite the hand of the man that fed them. Jesus said something profound, “Do not give that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and tear you.” Matt 7:6 What did He mean?

He was not literally talking about dogs, but about people who’s nature was that of a dog. A dog is looking to devour and take advantage of you. They will eat from your hand, take what you have and turn and bite you. A dog mocks and tramples those things which are holy. The dog mocks God’s Word and His people. The dog loves to put you down and tread on the holy things- God’s Word, His ways, His righteousness and holy standards, His calling on your life and His call to be separate from the world. A dog will mock whatsoever is true and just and will call that which is evil, good; and that which is good, evil.

BE WARNED! Jesus also said that the dogs are not a part of His kingdom, Rev 22:15. This is why the LORD tells you to “guard your heart”, not everyone is a friend for a friend sticks closer than a brother. Know His Word and keep His ways safe in your heart and share the holy things with others who are like-minded, this is wisdom. Recognize a dog, too many people lack discernment. Always be kind, but keep your distance. Don’t waste your oil. Beware! He may look cute, but a dog will bite you if given the opportunity. #runyourrace

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