MY DAUGHTER RAN THE STAIRS with me yesterday. She asks, “you’re not going to try to race me, are you?” Nope not me. I told her, “I have no need to compete with anyone; let alone a 16 year old that I know can beat me up these stairs”. But here’s where I know I will not fail- I’m not quitting. You may beat me at a lot of things, but I’m not quitting. I may be slower than you, but I’m not quitting. I may fall, but I’m getting up and continuing on. I’m not in competition with anyone, in fact I’m cheering for you if you can run faster than me; but I’m not quitting.

Success isn’t found in being the best and it’s certainly not found in how much stuff you can amass on this earth. Are you able to finish your race? “lest, after he has laid the foundation, and is not able to finish, all who see it begin to mock him,” Luke‬ ‭14:29‬ ‭Maybe you started off well, but affliction has come for His names’ sake. Are you able to finish? Or will you cower and retreat in fear?

Riches are alluring, but they choke the Word and make your life unfruitful. What have you been chasing after? What’s your foundation look like? Is there a crack in your foundation and your heart has been divided? Jesus challenges us with the cost of discipleship- you must leave ALL and follow Him until the END. You started off well, but are you able to finish? “Those who endure until the end shall be saved”! #runyourrace

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