WHAT CAN YOU CHANGE BY WORRY? Jesus said that we cannot change an inch of our height by worry; most assuredly we cannot change what will happen tomorrow by worrying about it. “Worrying” is just meditating on what may or may not come to pass and ruminating on the problem at hand, what will or will not be. We are told, “take no thought for life, what you shall eat or what you shall drink because God already knows that you have need of these things.”

I am a very “black and white” person, I don’t see any grey area here. If I worry, it means I don’t trust God. Worry=no trust. What problems/struggles are you ruminating about? What are you meditating on? If you are meditating on God’s Word and His goodness, everything else will fall to the wayside.

Have you lost your peace? Then, your mind is not stayed on Him. Listen to this scripture, “It is vain for you to rise early, To retire late, To eat the bread of anxious labors– For He gives [blessings] to His beloved even in his sleep.” Psalm‬ ‭127:2‬ ‭We are told that anxiety and worry is all in vain- it has no value, does no good and the only thing it accomplishes is to lose sleep. This verse implies that even while you are sleeping, God is working things out for your good.

Try meditating on God’s Word and His promises. Fill your thoughts with His goodness. Cast down evil and anxious forebodings. Ruminate on things that are good, right, pure and true. Surrender your problems to Jesus! He’s working things out for good. He has never lost control. Let others see God in you, and the peace that passes all understanding; not the worry of the world.

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