YOU STARTED OUT WELL. What happened? Any good sports fan will tell you that it’s not how you start but how you finish. There’s a few persons that come to mind when I think of not ending well: Samson, King Solomon, King Saul, King Amaziah, King Johoash, Hymenaeus and Alexander (2 Timothy 1:19-20).

The Bible records of King Amaziah that he did not act with a “perfect heart”; (2 Chron 25:2) he did not firmly resolve to do God’s will at any cost. There it is. I have seen a lot of people start off well, but refuse to separate from evil acquaintances and places so they fall back. I have seen such a zeal in the beginning, but after a couple of years that unstoked fire grows cold. I have warned as they pursued worldly hopes and dreams, success and achievements and those things choked the Word. “You were running the race nobly. (You started off well).

Who has interfered in your heeding and following the Truth?” Galatians‬ ‭5:7‬ ‭Who has interfered with your race? And why are you giving them an audience? Unless of course that person is you. Maybe you’ve given an ear to the lie of the enemy? Essential to perseverance in the faith is an unwavering intention to remain faithful to God and all His ways until the end of your time on this earth, regardless of what may happen to you.

Whom do you fear? Man or God? If you’re a prodigal, repent and run back to the Father. If your wavering, set your face like a stone, as Jesus resolved to go to the cross at any cost; no man and certainly no devil would stop Him from doing the will of the Father. You better end well. Time is short and your eternity depends on it. #runyourrace

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