SPIRITUAL ENTITLEMENT- “the idea that God is so taken with us that He has overruled His character in order to humor us and pamper our consumerist Christianity.” (Mario Murillo) I tend to agree with Mr. Murillo’s assessment of the modern church. When I hear things like, “the OT is not for today”, “the OT God is angry”, “I’m under grace” as an excuse to sin, “Jesus would never”, “God is only love” and so on; I’m seeing this “entitlement” firsthand.

Jesus came the first time as the lamb of God, but He’s coming back as the lion of Judah. He says of Himself, “”I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End,” says the Lord, “who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.”” Revelation‬ ‭1:8‬ ‭John’s revelation of Jesus is the same as Ezekiel’s revelation of the Ancient of Days- and He has not changed.

I’ve been saying for years that God is bringing judgment to America and it must first start at the house of God, but I was mocked. Entitlement has produced rotten brats, crying when they don’t get their way, immature Christians who never move past the breast milk phase. Clamoring for more, these are lukewarm whiners, complainers, throwing themselves on the floor in a tantrum. Mockers who scoff at God’s discipline and scourging.

Tozer said, “I want to appraise the situation and see it as God sees it- to know the role of God in this day of religious confusion”. How much more in THIS day of confusion? God is crushing the grapes. The separation is taking place and only those who are truly seeking His face will come out victorious. Believe His Word. He is the same, yesterday, today and forever. Repent of your carelessness and entitled attitude. He needs warriors not whiners. Humble yourselves under His mighty hand and He will then lift you up. #runyourrace

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