And Jacob gave Esau bread and stew of lentils; then he ate and drank, arose, and went his way. Thus Esau despised his birthright.
Genesis 25:34

Esau was not ignorant of the covenant the Lord had made with his grandfather, nor was he ignorant of his right as the firstborn son of Isaac. It was his birthright to inherit a double portion of his father’s material possessions, as well as the honor of carrying on the covenant of Abraham, which was passed down to Isaac.

Despite knowing all of this, in his moment of weakness, he preferred the fulfillment of his fleeting satisfaction over the magnitude of the blessing to be had through God and his father Isaac by selling his birthright for a meal. With no show of remorse, he fills his greedy appetite and goes his way, satisfied in his flesh and ignorant of the spiritual loss he has incurred.

How fitting an example of so many today, who forsake the free gift of salvation for the temporary pleasures this world offers! They trade what could be their eternal inheritance for lust and greed. They fill themselves with their lust and toss to the side the blood of Christ that was spilled for their freedom and forgiveness, if only they would repent. How wrong of those who would give up such blessing from the Lord for momentary fulfillment and pleasure!

How many will find themselves standing before the throne of judgment, realizing too late the magnitude of what could have been theirs, just as Esau stood before his father, weeping at what he had so casually tossed aside for a meal?

This is the destructive mindset that has no view of eternity. They are like the rich fool who says to himself “take your ease; eat, drink, and be merry”, with no regard to the judgment that comes after death (Luke 12:19-20). “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die!” cry the carnal minds of those who have no hope in eternity and no fear of the God of Creation (1 Cor. 15:32). Some trade their inheritance for games, fun, and wealth. Some trade it for lust, and some for unforgiveness. There are a thousand pursuits that all lead to eternal death, but only one path that leads to eternal life. God is calling you, are you listening? Have you received Christ and repented, or have you traded eternity for today?


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