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We did it. We jumped on the Disney + bandwagon. We have a four-year-old and it has been fun to watch some of the old Disney movies with him. As we were watching them, though, one thing really stood out to me. The villains in those movies and shows are ugly and scary looking. Isn’t that how we view evil, as ugly and scary? I read the news and the I hear stories of shootings, robberies, child abuse, missing kids. So ugly and scary.

If that is how we are always looking for evil, though, we are opening ourselves up to being deceived. Ezekiel 28:12-15 describes Lucifer as the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. Scripture tells us his covering was every precious stone, he was an anointed cherub, and described as perfect in his ways from the day he was created. 2 Corinthians 11:14 says he masquerades as an angel of light. What does that all mean? Satan is beautiful. He isn’t ugly and scary looking and sometimes, the way that he comes at us, to hurt and harm us, isn’t always ugly and scary either. It can appear as something good and right.

It comes in the form of busyness, with spending time with those we love, volunteering to help those in need, or even serving within the church, and all the busyness slowly pulls us away from reading our Word and spending time in prayer. It shows up as standing our ground over something we believe is right, when the reality is that our hearts are offended, pride takes over and it leads to bitterness and the dissolving of relationships, even causing some to leave the church or ending their marriages.

It even comes through hearing a gospel that sounds good and sounds right and it comes from someone that appears knowledgeable in Scriptures, but if it is compared to what is actually in the Word, it isn’t the real Gospel. Those who hear this false gospel without being rooted in their Word can be pulled away from the truth. Evil. It can look good, it can feel good, it can feel like you are doing the right things.

We are in a time that we need to be watchful, always on alert. We need to guard our hearts. We need to be a Church that is deeply rooted in our Word. We need to put time with God first, even before those things that seem like “good” things. We need to be spending time reading and meditating on His Word, hiding it in our hearts. We need to be spending time praying and fasting, not only for our own protection from being deceived and led away, but also praying and fasting for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Church, be alert! Watch for the evil that looks good but in the end pulls you away from Truth.

Rachel Guest



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