Five Ways to Pray Like Jesus

Sermon Verses: Five Ways to Pray Like Jesus

Sermon Notes: Five Ways To Pray Like Jesus

John 17:1-5

First way we should pray is with a dependency.

Were talking about prayer. You ever notice someone who isn’t too good at communication? Me too and sometimes that may be us with God.

What happens is, people want to pray, but they struggle in it.

The whole chapter of 17 is a chapter of Prayer.

Jesus is moving towards the crucifixion. He’s praying and done much ministry and he is talking about authority, how eternal life works out. Anytime you talk to God, your talking about prayer.

As we see how He talks to God, we can get a good idea of prayer.

Even though Jesus has authority, he recognizes he is connected to God.

Notice, that Jesus knows he needs to be connected to God to be able to have power.

As a man, he is showing us that he depends on God.

IF you look at the life of Jesus, you see he went and spent time in prayer, he went to the wilderness.

We need to be people who depend on God.

If I have a problem in my life, I will try to fix it, if I can’t I’ll go to google and then when I am done finally go to God.

So much time we spend learning to lean on God.

People that do big things don’t do it alone, they do them with God.

If you begin to seek after things of the flesh, its because there is little dependent upon God. Its in the power of the Spirit that we don’t gratify the flesh, but live in the Spirit.

The second way we should pray is in authority. Are you trusting in Jesus’s authority for your salvation?

Jesus is the one who gives eternal life. Jesus recognizes even His authority come from father God.

Jesus has the authority and not us. He divides the sheep’s from the goats Jesus decides where you will go. Authority puts you in a place of influence.

People with authority have authority. When you have authority you have authority to change the situation. Think about the authority Jesus had and pray it into our situation. We have the power that God has given us, its not our power its bestowed upon us and we are to use it in prayer.

We can pray “God have authority over this”

When we pray we need to pray to know God.

Eternal life if we want to understand it, eternal life is in knowing God and Jesus. You cannot expect to have eternal life apart from knowing the Father and Jesus.

Jesus was showing us to have a relationship with God and not just a knowledge of God. There’s a difference between knowing about and knowing.

You can tell people don’t know God because its in their relationship. Read the word and pray at the same time.

We’ve got to pray for the work. Jesus had a specific ministry that he needed to do.

Are you praying about what God has asked you to do? If you are in here this morning, God has a work that He wants you to do.

As followers of Christ we have a general plan. Everyone of us is called to fellowship, worship, disciple, give, reach out, pray. God is calling each and everyone of you to a specific ministry. God wants to use your callings, your gifting’s. There are things that you need to do, not because you feel like it, but because its what we are called to do.

If you don’t know what that work is, you need to pray about it. “Jesus prayed on His final hour, “I have done my work”. You have to do the work God has called you to do.

Gods will is where His desires meet your gifting and opportunities. . You will have desire for it, the gifting for it and He will give you strength for it.

Ask for strength in prayer. Jesus was going towards the crucifixion and was still praising God.

Our lives are supposed to be filled with praise regardless what happens.Audio Player

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