DID YOU KNOW a diamond is only formed through YEARS of heat and pressure? And God is in the process of forming you, but it takes time and heat. Gold is ONLY refined through the fire. But if you run and continually dodge the Master’s hand, you will become a lump of coal, not good for much. When will you remain fixed and stable under the Potter’s hands? “Take away the dross from the silver, and there shall come forth [the material for] a vessel for the silversmith [to work up].” Proverbs‬ ‭25:4

‬ God is faithful to give you strength. He is faithful to give you grace in the process, but you have to remain FIXED under His working hands. People want to experience pleasure and avoid pain at all costs, so they run from affliction and trials. They dodge discipline and correction. This produces a weak, flailing type of person who is easily offended and lives their life wandering in the desert place, grumbling and complaining. “Nothing is ever enough! It’s Moses’ fault! The enemy is always attacking me!” It’s not the enemy’s fault my friend, and Moses has been trying to help you; you are reaping what you have sown.

A lazy, undisciplined person produces a lazy, undisciplined life. Your life is chaos because you’ve sown chaos. God is wanting to heal you and make you whole. He has been trying to perfect your character; BUT you won’t stay FIXED long enough to allow that to happen. A double-minded man is unstable in ALL His ways. Remain FIXED and you will come forth as a shining diamond! #runyourrace

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