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Faith and Victory Church Missions 

Mark 16:15 – He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.

Sharing the Gospel is a commandment of God.  We are called to share the gospel both locally and worldwide.  Even as a small church we have that responsibility.

We accomplish this task by supporting missionaries that we believe in and have the calling of God to evangelize in their specific area.  We also only partner with missions that have Christ and the sharing of the gospel as the focus of their mission.  Below are some (not all) of the missions we support.  

If you have any questions about FVC Church missions please reach out to Pastor Todd @ todd@faithandvictory.com 

fvc church missions

Faith and Victory Church Pakistan

Faith and Victory Church Pakistan is our sister church in Pakistan.  Led by Pastor Mubarik this friendship started on Facebook with his son Robin.  Robin is an enthusiastic sharer of the gospel that has lived his life in service of spreading that gospel to as many people as possible.  Over time, Pastor Todd formed a relationship with Robin that eventually led to a visit to Pakistan.  

We love FVC Church Pakistan and are inspired by their fearless faith in the face of the real dangers of Christians living in a predominantly Muslim country.

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Absolute Ministries

ABSOLUTE Ministries is the Premier transitional housing & mentoring program for individuals who have completed an inpatient substance abuse rehab and are looking to become sustainable for the rest of their life. We help individuals every step of the way. We provide the tools and resources necessary to be successful. This is the next step. 

Faith and Victory Church loves absolute ministries and has seen the fruit of it’s labor in some of the members of it’s church.  If you have a family member or friend that struggles with a substance abuse issue make sure check out their website. 

absolute ministries

Q Missions

​Q Missions exists to create a platform for veterans to live out the calling God has put on their lives. Q Missions helps create infrastructure so they can focus on the mission at hand. Q Missions provide administrative support, funding packages, and mentoring programs to help emerging veterans ministries.

If you are a veteran who struggles with PTSD or just looking to connect with other Christian veterans make sure to check out Q Missions.

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Croatia With Us

The Molvar Family has a heart for missions, a heart for teens, and a heart for God.  They packed up their entire family and moved to Croatia to spread the gospel to this extremely un Christian Part of the World.  While their focus is on teens recently they have also been helping a multi church group effort in Croatia to help those displaced by the war in the Ukraine.  

croatia with us

Church Missions Giving

100% of all the money given to missions is given to the missionaries.  We ask that if you are able to prayerful consider making a missions faith pledge to help support these great missions.

All missions giving is determined by the Leadership of Faith and Victory Church.

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