GOD CARES ABOUT PLACES. The first lot of the promised land was to go to Aaron’s sons, the priesthood, “…who were of the children of Levi; for the lot was theirs first. And they gave them Kirjath Arba, which is Hebron, in the mountains of Judah, with the common-land surrounding it.” Joshua‬ ‭21:10b-11‬.‭

This was the land that faithful Caleb fought against the giants and prevailed. Hebron was a city of refuge and the place where they anointed kings. It was sacred and holy ground. Remember Bethel, the altar David built on the threshing floor that later became the place for the Temple, the pile of stones Joshua built, the land of Jerusalem- all are a place that was/is special to man and God.

Every time I see a gospel preaching church close, I’m grieved. There goes holy ground. That church once stood as a lamp stand and held back the darkness. It took up a place. God cares about places. Yes, the church is made up of the people of God, moving as one, loving, serving, giving; but God also provides a place to gather, a safe place for the saints to be built up, take communion, be refined and encouraged. God has given your family a place to live, a home and shelter from the storm. He placed you in your neighborhood to be a witness. Heaven is a place.

Why is it so hard to believe God cares about the physical place of a local church Body? “Do not forsake the gathering of the brethren”. Well, we need a place to gather. Individual Christianity is unScriptural and godless. I love my place of worship. The church is an ark being prepared for heaven. She is glory bound! Get on board.

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