HAVING A STRONG OPINION about something is not the same as knowing about it. You have an obligation in any conversation to have enough knowledge about the subject to keep up; and if not, then shut up and listen. Carry this over into your conversations with the Lord. Are you telling Him what you’re going to do? Do you even have enough knowledge to make that decision? Can you see the future? You will find yourself like Job’s friends, coming to decisions based on your bias and assumptions.

Spouting off at the mouth things you really don’t know and are incapable of understanding all under the guise of “God said”, when you never really sought God and waited for His answer. You just had a strong opinion. How do I recognize the voice of the Lord? I’m glad you asked. There’s many Scriptures that speak of His voice, “The voice of the LORD is powerful; The voice of the LORD is full of majesty.” Psalms‬ ‭29:4‬ ‭The voice of the Lord thunders, sounds like rushing water, still and small, mighty and sound wisdom.

First, God speaks by His Word and His Spirit, and these two agree in One. They will NEVER contradict each other. His voice is truth. Then, He uses other people. If “God told you”, but others who are sound and faithful are telling you, “that’s not of God”; you better listen. We don’t always see our blind spots. Besides that, we want what we want. You must spend mass amounts of time in His Word and in prayer and then you will begin to distinguish God’s voice from all the others screaming out at you. #runyourrace

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